Skype Party

Today is my lovely friend Ally's birthday, 21 again...& again & again & again!
Happy Birthday Ally! Hope your having a super duper day & I shall speak to you soon!
So as you may of seen from last nights post, me & Ally had a Skype party.
 I don't usual do the whole Skype speaking conversation thing, yes I do the webcam but I'm usually pretty shy when it comes to the talking. So I just sit & type..
 Even though in person I'm not really that quiet to be honest,
 not sure what that's all about.
 But last night I pushed myself out of my comfort zone a little & not only spoke..
We ended up doing karaoke so I ended up singing too!
Oh what a laugh we had..
We did the Skype party because we live a fair few miles apart.
At the end of last week I sent her a parcel in the post full of birthday goodies,
so they would be there in time for the party of course.
I mean what kind of party doesn't have presents?
We even played a game, that was very short lived but hey we had a go.
We both took a few pictures so I shall share them with you..
The photos weren't intended to be just present based, but unfortunately quality wise..
that is the way the cookie has crumbled today.
Have you ever celebrated a friends birthday in a different way?
Let me know in the comments if you have,
or just feel free to leave a comment anyway.
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥


  1. aww banana! LOVE IT! thank you for everything, best birthday <3 xxx

    1. your more than welcome Ally :)
      very glad I could spend your birthday eve with you! <3 xx