Letters through your door..

I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets excited when the post arrives.
Unless it's boring post, then the excitement soon passes.
Anyway last week I received a lovely card from my good friend Ally.
So I thought I'd just write a little bit about Ally. Ally has guest blogged for me before actually, find her post here. It was Ally who actually came up with the suggestion of guest blogging, so I won't take the credit. She asked me one day if she could do a guest blog post & the rest is history. So Ally is really one of the nicest people I know & I'm not just saying that. She genuinely is, she would never upset anyone on purpose. She is one of the few people who gets me & understands me. I know full well if I needed to speak to Ally I would be able to almost 24/7 & if she wasn't free straight away she'd be so disappointed with herself. It feels like I have known Ally forever, even though really it hasn't even been a year. If people could hear our conversations I think there would be slight concern because we speak about everything & anything literally. Anyway I shall leave you all with a little image of the card I received. Love you Ally! Thank you so much for being there for me recently!
Thanks for reading.
- Anna  ♥

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  1. awwww <3 this brought tears to my eyes. thank you banana! you're so so sweet. i love you more! you're an amazing friend and i'm so glad i met you! xxxxx