Hey, let's talk about....mental health

Let's be completely honest unless you yourself, a family member or friend has experienced or is experiencing trouble with mental health you might not even know there is even such a thing.I can honestly say hands up in the air that I had no clue,
until I began to be affected.
I think mental health is a subject that needs to be learnt about & covered more.
They should educate students in schools, colleges,
universities & even employees in the workplace.
The more people know & understand the situation,
the less scarier it makes it all seem.
There is such a stigma surrounding mental health & there doesn't need to be.
If we all just speak openly about our feelings & situation,
the stigma will finally be broken down..little by little.
Anyone at any age, any walk of life, anyone at all can be affected.
Nobody chooses to be affected by a mental illness.
Just like nobody chooses to suffer from a physical illness.
Do you want to educate yourself on the subject?
If so here are a couple of charities who offer information, support & help.
 More can be found online via the NHS website.
I feel just by speaking openly about the subject it is smashing away at the stigma!
Remember, just because someone is affected by an illness
it doesn't mean they aren't the same person you knew before.
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥


  1. good work banana <3 let's keep spreading the word! x