Cute Cards

Over the past couple of months my mum hasn't been very well, but now she is on the road to recovery. So the other day I was thinking to myself I'm going to thank her friends who have helped by going with her to hospital appointments, taking her out on little days out & picking bits & bobs up for us. Obviously I have said thank you to their faces, but I just thought this would be a lovely idea too. 
So my idea to create thank you cards was hatched. I love making & creating. 
I think it makes things so much more personal & mean a lot more.
It just proves you have spent time & effort on it.
You can create the card to the persons personality & what they like.
I'm also going to create a little gift for them all too. I'm still hunting for ideas. If any of you have any ideas, feel free to drop me a comment & throw them my way.
The idea of this post is just basically to spread a little bit of love
 & give you all an idea.
I mean who doesn't love receiving the occasional handmade card, it certainly puts a smile on my face. Whether it actually be for an occasion or just to let someone know how much you appreciate them.
Why not try your hand at card making & give it a go?
Cards are so simple to make, you don't have to follow any instructions.
Just use your imagination & create away as you wish..
Below is a photo of the cards I have made for my mum's friends.
Have you received a card from a friend or family member recently?
Have you sent any?
Why not change that & give it a go.
It's a much cheaper & enjoyable way of sending cards for various occasions.
You can almost guarantee nobody will have made the same card as you.
If you have any ideas for little gifts I could create to send with the cards, please let me know in the comments below.
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥


  1. such a lovely, thoughtful idea. big kisses to wizzel xxx