My Driving Journey - Lesson 5 & 6

Thursday 11th July
We went around the same area as the last two lessons to practice the junctions, side roads & changing up & down gear. But towards the end of the lesson we expanded the route & went onto one of the main roads into the town. We also introduced 3rd gear, oooohh high speeds are being reached. So far all is going really well & I'm absolutely loving lessons. Once I've finished a lesson no matter what time of day I'm always on a massive high. Confidence boosting? I think so.
Tuesday 16th July
Both today & yesterday I have felt really sick, more than likely with anxiety. So I could of quite easily just cancelled this lesson, but I thought no. If I cancel then that means the anxiety is winning..Admittedly I did text my instructor to let her know a little how I was, to put me at ease a little. She was very reassuring & I honestly couldn't get a better instructor. So I felt the fear & did it anyway! I didn't regret this decision at all. At the beginning of the lesson I had like a sudden urge of nausea thrown at me. It just all of a sudden came upon me. Usually when this happens I'm like "right, I need to go home now"..If I'm honest with you, it really was on the tip of my tongue. But I ignored that thought & carried on. I'm so glad I managed to carry on. Again we went around the same area but then we really expanded our route. We got to the point of travelling at 50mph..WOWWWW! 50 is very fast until you suddenly get used to it, I got used to it pretty easy & then when we was back down to 20/30mph it felt like we was at walking speed. We experienced the odd roundabout, which I had a little help on but we managed it. I actually drove home today too, for the first time. I am so glad I didn't listen to my thoughts & just kept at it. Times are going to get hard but I'm not giving up!
On my next lesson I will be driving from home so how exciting?!
Since I love a post with a lovely picture I thought I'd throw one in here..
Image from weheartit
During my driving journey & other parts in my life, I'm going to remember this simple but effective quote. You can either give up or try again & to me giving up isn't an option..So that is probably exactly why in the photo it's crossed out.
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥