Mum really does know best..

After coming across Rachael's post over at Rachael Victoria
I decided to create my own post including things my mum was right about over the years & little stories to go along with a few of them too.

- Those shoes aren't suitable -
When your mum tells you some shoes aren't suitable for a certain occasion, listen to her. I used to be a brownie & one night when I was going to brownies I thought it would be a good idea to wear my new lovely pink wedges. Mum told me it wasn't a good idea because they weren't suitable but did I listen?
No, I was young..what did my mum know? I still remember the story now.
 I wore the wedges anyway, went running down the corridor to the supply cupboard, fell over & whacked my head on the corner of the wall. I just got up & carried on thinking nobody would have to know. Until one of the leaders noticed I had blood coming through my hat & the first words I said were "don't tell my mum, she told me not to wear these shoes."
- You need to wear a coat, it's cold outside -
I'm pretty sure everyone has been told this by their mum at some point or other. To be honest, my mum still says it to me now. But do I listen now? Yes I actually do. Why is that? Because I've learnt from experience, if you don't wear a coat chances are your going to get cold & possibly rained on. 
- There's plenty more fish in the sea -
I bet every mum has said this to their child at some point or other. Admit it, we have all been there. Young & "in love". We soon realise over time we weren't in love, it isn't the end of the world & there is plenty more fish in the sea.
- Don't run, you will fall & hurt yourself -
Don't run? Why not? I'm capable of running so why should this surface be any different? When I used to play football I was in the changing room, I think it was after a match. Our changing rooms were concrete floors, I had my football boots on. Studded shoes & a concrete floor don't go. I didn't run for very long, until whack! I was straight on the floor & fell right on my bum & whacked my back in the process. Ouch!
- Treat others as you want to be treated -
This one is something we all know about, I'm pretty sure all of our mums drilled this into our brains at a young age. If you want people to be nice to you, then treat them nice. If you want to be treated horribly then treat others the same way. Sometimes you do come along people in life who are just horrible & you just don't bother to react at all. Wise move.
Hope you enjoyed my post.
Have you done a post similar?
What did your mum teach you?
Let me know in the comments below.
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥


  1. love this and the photo :)

    one thing my mum always said/says "watch pot never boils" x

  2. :) thank you Ally!
    & that means?...
    in reference to cooking?