My Driving Journey - Lessons 1 & 2

So since last Saturday was my first ever official driving lesson & then I had another one on Tuesday. I decided it would be a good idea to share my journey/experience with you guys & to keep a diary for myself. After these lessons went well I decided I would create a post containing some tips & advice on how I started learning to drive whilst experiencing mental health difficulties. That post can be found here.
I have had very good feedback from that post,
so thank you for reading it, sending me comments & tweets.
Let's start with my first driving lesson. Firstly I shall tell you what made me get in touch with my driving instructor. My godmother's mum isn't very well at the minute & they were saying how she had never had a job that got her brain going or never learnt to drive. I thought "oh no, I really need to do something with my mind at the minute". So that is the honest reason as of why I have started taking driving lessons. I could of quite easily of exchanged emails with the lady who is now my instructor & said "oh I'll get back to you on it". But instead she told me a time slot she had available & I thought "let's go for it, what have I got to loose?"
A short story behind me also missing the Michael Buble concert that was included in my 30 day snap challenge. I decided with anxiety & all more than likely going to be absolutely up in the air the night of the concert & the following morning (when I had actually booked my driving lesson for). I didn't know about the concert before I had booked the lesson. So instead of getting myself stressed the night before & going to the concert I decided to give my ticket up to my mum's friend. Most people will read this & be like, why would you be stressed going to a concert? Because I'm slightly crackers that is why. I did get a little phone call from my mum when he was singing I Just Haven't Met You Yet & he was so true, he really hasn't met me yet. So instead on Friday night (Michael Buble concert night) I decided to just stay at home, have a shower, paint my nails & just chill.. Sorry about that Michael.
Saturday 29th June 2013
The morning of my first ever driving lesson had arrived. Surprisingly I wasn't panicked, I remained quite calm actually. This was the first time I had ever met this woman & I had no idea what she would be like. Basically your first lesson you are probably getting in the car with a total stranger, that should be quite a scary thought actually. Luckily for me I wasn't scared at all she is so lovely & very understanding with my current situation. I had no idea what so ever on what to actually do when she arrived. Since I have never experienced this situation. Should I stay inside & wait until she comes to knock on the door? Should I go outside when she pulls up? Should I go & wait outside for her? I genuinely didn't have a clue. Luckily my mum was at home & was outside watering her flowers so I stood & chatted to her until my instructor appeared, pulled up, stopped & started smiling & waving. Then I knew I should just go across & hop on in the passenger seat. Off we went then to our local old sports centre car park. It was a bit busier than we both had originally expected, must have been some event going on. Nevermind though, we continued with the lesson absolutely fine. Most of the lesson was just talking, she was questioning me on what I already knew & then she was filling in the blanks of stuff I had no idea about. The last 5/10 minutes of my driving lesson saw me doing a little bit of driving, just to get used to the cars movement,the steering & controls. So there we were driving round this car park at 5mph..
Tuesday 2nd July 2013
My second driving lesson had arrived, today it was at 2pm. I had a lot more time to think about it, which did get me in more of a state. Having a panic attack ten minutes before she arrived, oh the joys! I honestly did keep thinking almost from the moment I woke up, "I think I'll cancel my lesson today". All because I knew I would be thinking & worrying about it all day. Obviously I didn't cancel it & I don't plan on cancelling any, unless I absolutely have to. This lesson took us to the next village to practice junctions. During any lesson there is going to be the talking through bits & I actually love them, it feeds you with so much information. It is really exciting. So for the majority of the lesson I was driving, wooohoo! Not at high speed but it is a start..
My next lesson is tomorrow (Saturday 6th July 2013) so I will be sure to keep you all updated, maybe two lessons at a time.
Are you learning to drive
or just have any words of wisdom you would like to
share on driving & learning to drive?
Leave them in the comments below.
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥

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