Hey, let's talk about....Mike Dignam

Last weekend I decided to do a blog entry called "Hey, let's talk about....mental health",
that can be found by clicking here.
So I have now decided to turn it into a weekly thing. Randomly introducing & speaking about anything & everything...life related, tv, film, music, fashion, nails..anything & everything.
I hope you'll enjoy it & learn about/discover something new.
A couple of weeks ago I watched one of Tanya Burr's youtube videos & absolutely loved the song she used for the background music. Tanya then tweeted about it being by Mike Dignam, so I decided to download the song on iTunes & give him a follow on Twitter. I admittedly haven't really been on YouTube an awful lot so I haven't checked out any of his other material. But he did tweet the other day saying he was going to do a cover of One Direction's new song, best song ever. I can honestly say I have fallen in love with his cover & his voice. I haven't even listened to One Directions audio of it fully yet because I'm too amazed by Mike's version.
Instead of rambling on about Mike on here, I'm going to just link his website in so you can just check him out there & find out all you want to know. So click here & enjoy. But I will just add his cover down below for you to check out & be amazed.
Hope you check him out & enjoy what you discover!
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥


  1. i can appreciate this a lot better today. i like it! he's not a bad looking chap either which helps! blog is looking fab banana x

    1. That's brilliant Ally :) haha..well I have given directions where to find him so get looking :) xx

  2. p.s i'd like to see a blog post about nails!

  3. You blog is adorableeee! I just followed on bloglovin :) x Erin