everything has come to a stop in blogging world?

Recently it feels like everything has come to a stop in blogging world, more than likely because it actually has... I do not like this one bit! But I suppose in a way it is good to have a little break too right?
But have no fear, I shall be back...a little bit more! I've got a few blog posts planned in my head already. Can I get a woohoo?...come on, one of you must of shouted woohoo? Or atleast said it in your head to yourself...

I absolutely love blogging & one thing I also love is helping people so I'm going to keep the two combined together....
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I want to make the world a more happier place. Happiness is key, if you ask me! (see, I'm a poet & I didn't even know it?) :)

I genuinely can't remember what it used to be like being at home all the time now. At the minute I'm out most of the day, nearly every day of the week. Having a car brings such a huge amount of freedom. When people used to say to me passing your test & driving will be the best thing you'll ever do I was like 'ppffftt, yeah right...' but they were right! It has seriously changed my life.

I feel like now I'm waffling & this post has no order or anything to it but it's just a post to say I'm still around even though everything had come to a stop, the break is soon to be over & I will be back...more than likely with a new post tomorrow actually cos I think I'm going to type one up after publishing this. Brace yourself for LOTSSSS of waffle returning, but the blog is certainly true to its name! :)

Thanks for reading. I hope we are all well & having a lovely Saturday evening, whatever you may be doing! :)

- Anna ♥


  1. Such a cute post!! Love your little rhyme:) that picture/quote is amazing! I as well like to try to make the world a happier place! Happiness is certainly key! And I did say woohoo in my head!

    1. thanks Nichole! :) it really is...I've actually just woohooed in my head too haha! :) xx

  2. It's fantastic that driving is giving you all this freedom to get out there and do more things! Glad to hear I can expect more posts from you though!

    Debi x

    1. :D it really is! indeed you can..I'm planning things don't worry :) xx