Hillarys Blinds Country Craft Competition

So recently everything as I've already said has felt so busy & I've rarely had time to do much blogging related things (blogging or reading any of my favourite blogs). I've just felt super active, which of course is a great thing! I'm not complaining :)  Right anyway to the point of this post...
A few weeks ago the lovely Christina from Kimi & Me...hey Christina! :) (yes, I'd recommend you go over to her blog & say hello! :) I'm sure she'd love that!) sent me a tweet with a link to a competition. A crafty competition! Of course I thought ooohhh, that will be fun to be involved in. The link wasn't to the website/company holding the competition (Hillarys Blinds) it was to Burkatron , a blog wrote by a girl called Caroline. Caroline's blog post gave the details & provided a link to Hillary's to find out more info. Basically all that was asked of the entrants was that they created a piece using the fabric of their choice from Hillarys Country Retreat collection. I chose to use Calluna Amethyst, it is absolutely beautiful!
Right, enough of my waffling on...let's get down to business! Here is my crafty creation...
A couple of years ago now at Christmas I decided to personalise a few cushions as gifts for my god mum & her husband & for the couple who are like my second parents. I absolutely loved created them for them & couldn't wait to create one for myself one day too. So when this competition appeared I knew exactly what I would have to do... Have you guessed it?... Yes, I absolutely had to create one for myself & the Calluna Amethyst was the perfect fabric & pattern too. In my room I haven't stuck to a certain colour really when it comes to bedding & accessories I like to just mix it all up so my chosen fabric just fitted in perfectly, right in place.
How did I create this creation you say...well my friends, I shall share it with you now. But brace yourself crazy crafters of the world you might not approve of the first part...
I had already bought the cushion from my local Wilkinsons so I didn't actually create that part but like I said, I was waiting to create my own personalised cushion (I've had the cushion for about 6 months, was just waiting for the perfect fabric) & I mean come on, how beautiful is the colour of the cushion...my thoughts exactly! :)
When I created the cushions as gifts I did exactly the same & bought ready prepared cushions so to speak. But is there any harm in a little revamp of something so simple? I used my crafty fingers to create the rest...
So I started off by creating my template letter, last time round when I created the cushions as gifts I used Microsoft Word Art to create the letters but this time round I decided to go a little old school & drew the letter out on to card myself (using a pencil & a ruler...shocker! not a interactive creation).
Next thing to do was to obviously cut out the letter & get the fabric prepared. I gave the fabric a quick iron over to get rid of any little creases there may have been...super easy to iron too, I'd like to add.
Then I put my letter template on to the fabric, with the pretty side of the fabric facing down on to the flat work surface. So I would be drawing on the back of the fabric. I drew around my template using a dress making pencil of my mums, you can find them at places like Hobbycraft (click here & you will be taken to Hobbycrafts website where I have found similar pencils). It's always a good idea to use a pencil that can be easily seen against the fabric. I used a pink one because my white one would not of shown up.
 Now it was time to cut around my letter, I decided to leave about a 1cm (ish) allowance around the letter. Then the next thing to do was to prepare the shape ready to be sewn on to the cushion cover. I decided to press all the edges so I had my letter right then I used some hemming web, which basically bonds the two fabrics together. Hemming web can also be found on Hobbycraft, click here & you'll be taken to the product on Hobbycrafts website. All instructions for using the hemming web should be on the back of your product packet.
 Okay, so now my letter was ready to be attached to my cushion. If I had sewn the cushion cover together itself from scratch I would of probably been able to use a sewing machine to sew on the letter but I didn't & I actually prefer sewing by hand. I always think it makes it a little bit more neater sometimes & can make something more personal because it literally is handmade. Once I had sewn the letter on my personalised cushion was almost complete!
I had planned on using buttons to hide little bits of the fabric that was beginning to fray (I totally did that last time) but I just couldn't find the right buttons that I wanted so I'm still on the hunt for them to maybe add to my cushion at a later date. I don't just want to settle with any old kind of buttons. :) But still the cushion is complete & personalised, almost...
I googled what I could use to stop fabric from fraying & I found clear nail varnish was a recommendation on a few websites so I used that & it certainly has stuck them together & made them solid. Clear nail varnish has a few good uses doesn't it, other than protecting painted nails (sometimes!)
I'd like to apologise in advance if this post was really rambly & more than likely made no sense...massive apologies if that is the case! I'm in no way a crafty instructor producing blogger, no sir I'm afraid not. I've only once done a step by step guide & I'm still not 100% sure about that. See, I'm rambling on now! I will stop! But one last thing, I'm honest so I'm going to tell you the truth...I actually took the step by step photos after I'd completed it. That is still okay right? It is exactly how I created them anyway. :)
Anyway I really hope you liked seeing how I created my personalised cushion & I hope it wasn't too baffling or waffling for any of you! If you have ever created something similar let me know & if you too have taken part in the competition, let me know in the comments below. I'd love to see your creations! :D

Thanks for reading & I'd love it if you'd let me know your thoughts on my little creation. I loveeee hearing from you! :)
- Anna ♥


  1. That's so cute Anna! One year for their birthday I made my little sisters cushions out of an old pair of jeans and decorated them with fabric shapes and wrote their names on them. I wonder if they still have them... Haha. I haven't made anything crafty in a while though.

    Debi x

    1. thank you Debi :) awwww..they sound so lovely! oooh no, its so therapeutic I find :) xx

  2. good luck! lovely post, the blue stitching detail is super cute

    1. thank you very much Christina! :) I agree with you :P hehe xx

  3. That's lovely Anna! Totally want to pinch the cushion for my own bed ;)

    Alana | AlanaGetsHealthy

    1. thanks Alana :) I'm afraid you cant...sorry :) but I have shared with you how I've made it so all is good :) xx

  4. I love this idea, such a good present to give to someone :) Doesn't look too complicated either.

    1. thanks Kerry :) it really isn't...hope you decide to make one at some point :) xx

  5. This seem to be unique interior, modern classic yet cozy, loved the photography, as always :)

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