we all began as learners....

Since I shared so much of my driving journey with you & the driving lesson side of that has come to an end I thought I'd share a few funny stories with you that have happened over the past couple of days. If we don't have a little giggle about our mistakes & mishaps then we will only hide under our duvet & cry about them, am I right? So girls & boys, remember that....
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I recently found the above picture when I was searching for quotes on weheartit, slight addiction there...don't worry it is a fairly healthy addiction! :) After my past couple of days driving a few things have happened & I can act on them how I choose. I can get upset about them, hate myself for what happened, beat myself up because I didn't do it right or how it should be or not quick enough. Or I can not let that happen & learn from what happened & actually focus on the positive things that have happened & get back on the bike...or in my case back behind the steering wheel.
First funny story is I topped up with petrol & decided maybe I should get help on my first attempt so I gave my friend Adele a call to see if she was about to help me, luckily she was..thank you Adele! She has recently got a new car so I was hoping she knew how it worked...turned out we were both as bad as each other & couldn't master the petrol cap. So did we manage to get the petrol cap off? No we didn't, in our defence it is one where you have to put the key in & all that jazz...slightly complex? I think so! So we actually ended up asking a kind man from the GK Ford garage to help us, thank you nice man!
Second story, well this is not only slightly funny, it is also slightly embarrassing & cringey too! Am I just going to pretend it didn't happen & move on? Ohhh no, of course not...I'm going to write about it in my blog post, what a great idea! So basically I drove to my local morrisons, stalled at a big roundabout on my way there & then pulled in to a packed car park & thought oh s**t! So I hurried in, got what I wanted & planned to leave. Luckily the family who are like my second family where there too so I took the 11 year old with me in hopes he might calm me down & put me at ease. He did actually help! But whilst I was in the supermarket I saw my ex boyfriend & I really hoped he wouldn't see me driving because it's just added pressure I could do without after only having my car since Friday. But oooohh no guys, he didn't just only see me...actually I hope he didn't realise it was me. He was following me, with a car inbetween us actually. But I knew he was there & that kind of put me on edge & did I manage to set off smoothly at every set of traffic lights that turned to flipping red when I approached? Oh no, did I eck! The first time the car behind me actually beeped...just to let you know that doesn't help! Then they must of realised I wasn't the most fluent & experienced driver as I managed to stall at the next traffic lights, oh yes, then at the next two lots of traffic lights. So I didn't only just stall at one set of traffic lights with my ex boyfriend close behind. I managed to stall at FOUR FLIPPING TRAFFIC LIGHTS! It actually got to the point where I was jokingly saying to Ned (my passenger) are you ready for me to stall again? because I knew full well what was coming next.
So after that awful journey home I could take it one of two ways. I could throw in the idea of driving all together but where would that get me? & it would be an absolute waste of money too. Or I can just learn from it & practice even more in my new car.
I hope if you currently have a feeling of the blues because you know Monday is just around the corner I really hope that these stories gave you a chuckle!
Thanks for coming along my travels with me & supporting me!
- Anna ♥

p.s. as the title says we all began as learners so if somebody happens to stall infront of you, don't beep your horn...it does not help matters! :)


  1. oh bless you! i haven't learnt to drive yet but i'm sure everyone makes mistakes at the beginning and it's like you said, it's better to learn from them than dwell on them :) Fingers crossed that tomorrow is the start of a much cheerier week! xxx

    1. :) exactly Charlotte...we aren't robots, we aren't programmed :) thank you lovely! :) xxxx

  2. Oh dear! It could have been a lot worse. Plus everyone makes little mistakes when they first start driving by themselves. It's really not a big deal. It's such an accomplishment in the first place! :)

    Debi x

    1. exactly haha! :) it could of been soooo much worse! exactly, I'm still super proud of myself! :) xxx