my furthest drive & my pledge to help a friend...

Last month I met my lovely friend Nicola for the FIRST TIME EVER in real life. Now I can drive & have my own car everything has changed. I've decided I'm going to try my hardest to go & visit Nicola atleast twice a month (that is of course if she wants to see me that often ha ha!). I'm going to try my hardest to help Nicola accept her anxiety too & not let it beat her. Anxiety can easily begin to define who you are but I'm going to try my hardest to make sure it doesn't define Nicola! :)
So this week on Wednesday I decided to text Nicola on the off chance that she would be free & she bloomin' well was! In my car I got, ready to drive to Nicola's house...the furthest drive I've ever drove so far & on my own aswell. I'm beyond proud of myself for achieving it & managing to get there & back solo. I didn't feel overly great on the drive there, I was a little bit scared & had extremely sweaty hands (too much info? only being honest). I didn't actually time the drive but I think it took between 30-45 minutes to get to Nicola's.
Of course whilst there we absolutely had to take a few selfies...I've decided to use the most attractive & completely normal slightly crazy photo! Life is too short to take serious photos, right?!
Infact, Nicola actually looks fairly normal compared to me! :/
It was so lovely to see Nicola again, I feel like we've both been so busy recently we haven't even had time to Skype...we usually Skype, try to once a week... some weeks that just isn't possible. It can be so hard to keep in touch with friends when life gets busier but we all need to try & make time for our friends because they are what makes the world a little bit more nicer & life a little bit more easier.♥
Nicola had got me a little treat too, a nail art book. It isn't really much of a secret that I'm a sucker for nail varnish & do sometimes like to try my hand at different designs. I'm currently rocking dotty nails...
So when I was leaving Nicola's mum said to me that I'm welcome to go over anytime, so guess who is going again! :D
Right so the first part of the blog title has been covered now on to the next half...'my pledge to help a friend'. One of the few good things to come out of my experience with anxiety & panic attacks has to be the friendships I've built throughout the past few years, Nicola's being one of them. I know how hard it can be to beat of those nasty anxiety demons & try to get your life somewhat back under control but right now I'm going to do a pledge (a little bit like my time to change pledge)...
So Nicola, my pledge to you is...
I pledge to help you accept your anxiety struggles & help you lead a much more easier (hopefully, sorry I can't make promises on that one..sometimes nasty things get thrown at us) & enjoyable life. Remember it is a case of baby steps, little tiny baby steps at a time & changing more nos into yeses. Now I've passed & can actually come to your end of the woods (that is a saying right?) or is it your neck of the woods? :/ I don't know! Anyway, now I can drive & can come & visit you I can help you a lot more. Take you out for little trips, those little trips of exposure will honestly help. Some days it won't only be exposure for you, but it will be exposure for me too.
So Nicola (hopefully you are reading this now, if not...awkwardddd) what do you say? Do you accept my pledge? Can I help you accept your anxieties that have been with you for so flippin loonnngggg & help you lead a better lifestyle? :)
Have you done a pledge towards mental health? Maybe you've even made a pledge towards a friend too... & if not, what is taking you so long. Get right to it...please & thank you! :D
I just want to say again a massive thank you to everyone who has come along with me through the journey to where I am today (real life & cyber friends)! :)
Ooh & as always thanks for reading (of course!)
- Anna ♥


  1. That sounds lovely!! Your nails are amazingly cute! And what an incredible pledge.