we went to a zoo, zoo, zoo...how about you, you, you?

Oooh yeah, yesterday we went to the ZOOOOOO! When thinking of a title for this post I thought I just HAD to use this one since I had the song in my head for the majority of the afternoon...

'were going to the zoo, zoo, zoo,
you can come too, too, too'
So who remembers the song? If you don't where have you been?! I apologise now in advance if in an hours time you start singing it to yourself! :)
I thought I'd share my experience on my bloggity blog (got a thing for calling my blog that at the minute, just as a heads up for you). So yesterday was Mother's Day, just incase your twitter feed wasn't crammed with Mother's Day related tweets or if you've happened to have been walking around the shops with your eyes closed... So now, are we all up to speed with what day it was yesterday? :)
I thought we was taking my mum out for a meal, but the plan had changed by the morning. My dad decided to take us all to the ZOO! We went to Yorkshire Wildlife Park, near Doncaster. Me, my mum, my dad & my grandma. A lovely family day out, it is very rare that we actually go on a day out. Infact I don't remember the last time we had a family day out.
I was geared up ready to go, comfy gear...check! Rucksack to complete the look of going on safari, check! Let's goooo....
oohhh slightyly blurry! But I just wanted to share my rucksack with you :)
Okay, so I'm going to give you a little bit of a review of it all, hope that's okay! :)
I was super excited about the experience because I'd never been before but unfortunately when we got there we had to wait what felt like just under a flippin' hour (I did get fed up checking my phone for the time). I mean I'm twenty two & not usually impatient but I mean come on, really...there should be a quicker entrance way surely? So don't know what the little kids in the queue must of  been feeling, other than probably fed up. So once we were like third in the queue my excitement feeling had pretty much completely disappeared. Maybe it was just a one of thing, who knows...We are planning to go again in the summer so it hasn't completely put us off because once we were in it was fantastic! So one piece of advice for the people of Yorkshire Wildlife Park, I recommend you try your best to shorten the waiting time for everyone visiting. I'd like to think it was just the one off but when we had finished & came out over 2 hours later the queue of people was still just as long, maybe it was just that day? Who knows.
Then another piece of advice would be that your catering system is in need of a little bit of alteration, we had to wait over 20 minutes for  3 lots chips (takeaway style like McDonalds..& they didn't taste great after either :/ ) & coffee. We wasn't the only people there who was unimpressed. So one thing if you were going to go & make a day of it. I'd recommend you pack a little picnic, there is plenty of picnic areas dotted around the park so you won't be struggling to find a place to eat your lunch. That is exactly what we will be doing next time.
I don't like to look on the negative side of things but I just thought I'd share those bits with you.. But once I got in to the zoo & saw all the cuteness of the animals...oh my goodness! The waiting time felt like nothing. The animals were all so adorable & lovely in their own ways! Instead of listing all the animals we saw I'm just going to throw in a few truck load of pictures!
slightly blurry but a classic meerkat pose anyone?
'why hello there'

'alexander, can you hear me?'

oh deer, not the greatest of photos..
'twit twoo, check me out...I'm having a hoot'
'Alice the camel has....'
pretty fencing at a zoo...thought I'd share it with you :)
ooohhh, a beautiful waterfall too..

'I've got the eye of the tiger, a fighter...'
' & your gonna hear me ROAARRRRRR'
'anyone fancy a cuppa?'
awww, all lovely & affectionate?
'I like to move it, move it....'
anyone else think their ears look like Micky Mouses? :)
could it get any cuter?! :)
quite literally the 'chill out zone'
the tiniest creature at the zoo?
couldn't resist snapping these little fellas on our way out!
Okkkk, I think it is safe to say that was a jam packed photo filled post...I hope you enjoyed it! :)
Have you ever been to Yorkshire Wildlife Park? If so what did you think? Or maybe you could recommend another zoo to me...either way I'd love to hear from you.
Or if you just fancy leaving me a comment, then go straight ahead. Let me know how you spent your weekend.
Thanks for reading, as always.
- Anna ♥


  1. So jealous you went to the zoo! sounds like lots of fun :) Meercats have got to be the coolest animals ever! haha <3 x

    1. they are so flippin cute! It's funny how they don't actually get out of where they are :) :/ xx

  2. I love love love the zoo! My friends and I went together last year and decided to try to turn it into a yearly thing! I cannot wait for it to get warm so we can go!

    1. that sounds such a good idea! :) weather wasn't too bad for us, thankfully :) I can't wait to go again in summer cos they have bangless fireworks! :) xx

  3. I LOVE the zoo! Easily one of my favourites places on Earth!

    1. :D I hadn't been for yearssss so I was super excited! Can't wait to go again :) xx