I had a Happy Monday for Mind, did you?

As you can tell from my photo above I had a Happy Monday (last Monday, 10th March) & loved rocking my Mind tshirt...I'm also embracing my awkward smile! :)

If you hadn't figured out already I'm a big supporter of helping raise awareness & beat the stigma surrounding mental health. So when Mind introduced the day called Happy Monday, I just had to join in! You could do absolutely anything that you wanted for the day to try & raise money for Mind. I filled in my details on Minds website & waited for my fundraising pack to arrive, inside the pack I received a guide to having a Happy Monday....
The guide was packed with everything you needed to know about running your own event. Inside there was plenty of choices of fundraising ideas you could do too such as doing a raffle, doing a quiz or even holding a taster fitness class (obviously an official instructor would do that). But I decided to do a cake sale cos I mean who doesn't love cake?!
I decided to take advantage of my parents shop again & hold the sale there. Just like I set up my stand in their shop for time to talk day last month. Me & my mum spent most of Sunday baking away ready for the sale. Then some of mums friends had kindly offered to help out too. One created some cute little knitted chickens that held a creme egg inside, check out those little cuties...
Aren't they just so flippin cute! I think when I had got round to taken my camera out two of the little chicks had been sold, how fantastic is that?! & by the end of the day they had all gone...
Then two other friends of mums had baked for us too. They baked some butterfly buns, normal buns with chocolate on top & a chocolate orange cake. Me & mum had created some vanilla cupcakes & decorated some with malteasers & malteaser bunnies on top, some vanilla cupcakes with little butterflies on top, rocky road fridge cake (DELICIOUS!) & some rice crispy cakes with mini eggs in the middle!
The malteaser ones sold the quickest, without a doubt! That quick that I had to use the photo above that I took on my phone the day before. I was slightly slow at taking photos on the day but here are a few that I did take....

I was really pleased with how the day turned out. The sun was shining which was slightly annoying since it was melting the chocolate so I had to keep moving them into the shaded part of the table. But other than that the day was a success!
We raised £51.43..WOOHOOO!!! ALOT more than I genuinely thought I'd raise, I was thinking around £20 but I'm so pleased! I'd of been pleased with whatever I'd raised, every little helps! But over £50 was raised in a day, just cos of cakes...that is crazyyy! :)

Another little thing I'd like to add was the card I received from the lovely people at Mind before the event. How flippin lovely is this?!...


I genuinely can't thank my mum enough for everything, she is always there for me. She helped me through the event too. I know how lucky I am to have such a supportive parent & unfortunately some people don't have that supportive parent or anyone to help & support them through difficult times. That is why I think it is so important to keep the charities of the world going that help & support people in times of need.

If you believe in a charity & support the work they do, why not donate a spare few pounds to help their work continue? Most charities allow you to make a donation online I'm sure, I know Mind do...I haven't checked all charity websites so don't hold me to it. Or maybe you could do some fundraising of your own, honestly it is so much fun & very rewarding!

So, I had a Happy Monday...did you?!
Let me know in the comments & send me your links if you happened to have blogged about it!

Thanks for reading & I hope you've enjoyed it! :)

- Anna ♥


  1. This is so lovely! Well done for raising the money and the cakes look great! It's such a great cause and I'm so glad people are talking about mental health more.

    Jenn | PhotoJennic


  2. Well done, Anna! A great post and all for such an important cause although you have made me want cake a lot now! Haha. Those little chicks are so cute too :)

    Debi x

    1. thank you Debi :) oooppsiieee, apologises :P I know, tell me about it! :) xxxx

  3. I love charity work. This sound incredible! :)

    I had a happy weekend leading to a happy monday! http://upbeatuplifts.blogspot.com/2014/03/mimm-5-busy-yet-relaxed.html

    1. ooohhh, I'll be sure to check it out...still need to catch up on your recent posts :) xxx

  4. Wow, this is fantastic! Good job on raising such a great amount.

    It lovely that you have a supporting family for these events. Good for you and I hope you continue with this fantastic work!

    ~ K


  5. Great way to spend a Happy Monday Anna! I love your enthusiasm, it's very infectious...and the cakes look magnificent!
    M x Life Outside London

    1. ooohhh without a doubt Michelle! :) awww, thanks! :) ooohh, we LURVEEEE cake..cake, cake, cake, cake...did I mention I can drive? :P xx