Barry M - matt nail paint, rhossili

Another week, another nail paint to try & share with you. I'm really loving this whole competition winning business, it's pretty darn great! I mean free stuff, who doesn't love free stuff?! & nail varnish....ooooh, I'm an absolute sucker for the stuff!
Currently sat on my bedroom floor surrounded by a lot tiny amount of stuff that needs putting away but hey, cleaning is pretty boring plus I've just started running my bath & it's getting late...ok, ok, I just don't really wanna do it now & I really want to blog so here I am...
blogging, blogging about matt nail paint. jeeeeezzz, are you still here? I feel like I'm slightly rambling now but hey, that is just the way I roll.
This weeks nail paint is called Rhossili. I painted my nails last night & quickly shimmied along on my bike to take photos outside whilst there was still some natural light. Natural light with sunshine was very limited but hey, I tried my best. I was thinking of going back out again tonight but I've managed to chip a few of my nails already, not dramatically but noticeably. Proves I've been working, this chick ain't scared to chip or break a nail or two! :)
I'd already planned in my head that I was going to head to this bridge to take my photos for this week. I did take some of last weeks on this bridge & they turned out pretty cool (in my eyes they did anyway) so I thought why not head to that same bridge & take some more photos.
Let's be hugging the bottle, spreading the love & showing you just how much of a match it is, as always!
Like most colour it looks a little different in different lights. It is more of a deep pinky purple (a very autumn kind of colour) as I'm looking down at my hands but these photos disagree with that. See for yourself, I've just taken that photo now. (publishing in this after 8pm now, so lighting isn't currently like that now!)
Honestly, if you see Rhossili in the shop & you love the colour (I know I do) then just buy it! I really don't think you'll be disappointed in the slightest. It's the same with all the Barry M colours infact, always true to the bottle.
Got to throw in another photo of my hand right? No, ok...I promise it's the last one. Excuse the state of my uneven painting, I'm not a nail professional of any sort & I'm sure they might make mistakes too. :) Luckily, I don't think you can see the state of my hands...hopefully you can't, cos they are bloomin horrific! Rough skin, peeling skin, bleeding hands...YUCK, YUCK, YUCK! I'm a girl honest! :)
Okay, that's all I have for today. Which colour has been your favourite in the Barry M matt summer collection for 2014? Let me know, I'd love to know. There is only one more matt nail paint to share with you & that is Waikiki, totally loving the name & the colour too!
After I've shared the final matt nail paint I'm going to 'review' the matt nail collection as a whole. Still struggling to actually say that I'm reviewing a product, but I mean what else is it called?! So yeah, watch this space for that. Then after that I'm going to be sharing the summer gelly collection. I have checked with Barry M & the colours will still be available to buy for the foreseeable future (Barry Ms posh words not mine ;) ) they aren't limited edition so all is good.
As always, thanks for reading.
Anna ♥


  1. This is a lovely shade. I'm, personally, not keen on matte, I prefer the gelly high shine, so I'm looking forward to those posts. But the colour is gorgeous.

    Aimee Belle


    1. oooh this space indeed :) they'll be coming soon, I promise :) xx

  2. I have too many nail polishes but you're tempting me again Anna!! I love this one because I love all raspberry type colours - and I really want it now! grrrrr xox

    1. hehe, I'll be that little voice inside your it, doooo ittttt :P :) I imagine it would suit you very well actually :) xxx

  3. i like it.

    1. me too :) Barry M has such beautiful colours! x