What I learnt from Frozen...

I'm starting to realise that there is going to be really busy times in life, times were I just don't physically have the energy to blogging. When I used to blog a lot was the time when I very rarely left the house, now I'm hardly at home. Life changes & that's ok, just got to go with the flow. Part of me wants to apologise about it, but then another part of me is making me question why I'm sorry.

Let's get back up to speed on all things life related, I left my job. I'm now back working with my parents, I'm so grateful that they are letting me work with them again. Some people will be thinking "oh back working with mummy & daddy"..."easy money". No, just no! Working with family is so hard, like you wouldn't believe. I live with my parents & I work with my parents, no escaping. I'm so grateful for my little car & being able to have my freedom again.

Ok, I'm on my third paragraph & I've actually not mentioned what this post is going to be about. Today my post is going to be about Frozen, you know the movie..."let it go, let it go, can't hold it back anymore...let it go, let it go, turn away & slam the door..."

I've only just recently watched Frozen, first time was on Saturday & then I watched it with my mum last night. I might of also bought the soundtrack that goes in the car with me & then comes inside with me cos you never know when you might want to play it & have a sing along.

After watching Frozen I was thinking to myself all about the little lessons that are in the film to be learnt, so me being me thought "ooh, that'll make a pretty cool blog post"...yes I do occasionally refer to my blog posts as pretty cool, safe to say I'm pretty lame.

On to the lessons I took away from Frozen, the creators might not of meant for these lessons to be learnt from the film but I'm just going to share what I learnt.

Don't trust someone you've just met
Princess Anna 'falls in love' (more on that in the next point) with Prince Hans who she just met, he proposed to her on the same day & she said yes. In reality does that kind of thing happen? I'd like to think not but you never know. Later on in the film though she discovers he isn't as loyal & kind as he made out to be. In my opinion you can never fully trust someone you've just met but sometimes people are genuine but obviously we've always got to have our wits about us.
Don't go looking for love
Poor Anna had been in the castle for so long that once the gates opened she was hoping to find 'the one'. I'm a believer of love will find you. Maybe there is such a thing as love at first sight. Everybodys story is different. Unfortunately for Anna, 'the one' (Prince Hans) wasn't at all what she thought he would be. I'm not going to reveal what happens in the post because if you haven't watched Frozen it might spoil it for you.
If something is too good to be true, chances are it is
Again, I'm referring to the story & connection between Princess Anna & Prince Hans. I'm not going to say anymore because I don't want to ruin the film.
Love will find you, when you least expect it
Princess Anna went looking for love, but found it in an unusual place & situation.
Sometimes the one you're meant to be with is right under your nose
 Again, I'm referring to Princess Anna's story. Can you tell she is one of the main characters? Once again, I'm not revealing.
If you haven't watched Frozen yet, seriously I highly recommend it!
There we have it, the lessons I learnt from watching the movie Frozen. I'm now wanting to watch old Disney movies I watched when I was little, when you're little you don't realise the meaning behind the story really. Do you agree? I'm going to see what lessons I learn from them.
Have you watched Frozen? What is your opinion? Did you spot & learn any lessons?


  1. I reckon it's true that you shouldn't go looking for love. Let it find you. That's actually so cheesy but cute. What I learnt from Frozen is that sisterly love is very important. Haha.

    Anyway, I've nominated you for the grateful blogger tag. Here's the link:

    The Life of Little Me

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    2. :) don't go looking for love, love will find you :)

      yes it is, the bond between sisters (even though I don't have a sister!)

      aww, thank you :) I'll be sure to check it out :) xxx

  2. Excellent post Anna! I only just got round to watching Frozen last month; I thought I was one of the last people on the planet to see it but obviously not! :-) xx

    1. thanks :) hehe, you watched it before me...it's fab! :) what did you think? xxx

  3. I TOTALLY didn't see the twist with Hans coming-I thought it was true!!! I was shocked and gasped audibly in the cinema and my husband laughed lots! Great post!

    1. me neither! :)

      & aww, bless you! I can imagine it gave your husband a giggle :) thank you :) xx

  4. I love Frozen! It meant a lot to me, too, when I first saw it. And then the 20th time I saw it after that, haha. It came in a time in my life that I needed a reminder to just "Let It Go." I hold that song so close to my heart. Great post! xx

    1. haha, love it! :) It is a pretty awesome film, if I had it on dvd I'm sure I'd watch it a lot more :)

      I think a lot of people do now too :) xxx