halloween nails, create your own spooky eyes

oooooohhhhhhh, ooooohhhhhhh, ooooohhhhh...
it's that time of year that feels a little more spooky! Halloween can sometimes give me the creeps. In my opinion it isn't like it used to be (well I sound really old!), trick or treaters don't always seem to be little kids...no they can just be teenagers after whatever they can, sometimes without even dressing up. Just putting on a mask, is that really classed as getting in the spirit & dressing up?
Anyway, now I've said my piece about Halloween let's get cracking...
I'm going to share with you, how I created these nails (what nail varnishes & tools I used too!)

Right, first things first...let me show you what nail varnishes I used... 



The glittery polish I used is Seventeen Lasting Fix Nail Colour, Silver Kisses.

I'm just going to throw in an apology now, some of my photos will vary in quality & lighting. I tried my best to photo them all in natural lighting but when natural lighting is limited around what's happening in your life you've kind of got to make the most of a bad situation. So sometimes you have to use your normal lighting from the light on the ceiling. I'm trying to be better organised & take them in natural lighting but these nails at first were going to be different Halloween related creatures but then I kind of couldn't do them so here we have it, a different tutorial...an easy peasy one, hopefully!

Before you do your nails you must always paint them with a clear base coat (admittedly I do sometimes forget) ,to help protect your nails from discolouring (going yellow).

Once your nails have dried it's time to start adding all the other colours.

To create this exact look, I painted my nails in this order...

(starting from my thumb)

barry m gelly hi-shine, satsuma 

barry m nail paint, nightshade
seventeen, silver kisses
barry m nail paint, nightshade (yes, again)
barry m nail paint, grey
Obviously you don't have to use these exact colours, I'm just sharing them with you incase you don't own a colour like them or maybe you've been eyeing up the colour & wonder what it looks like.
Ok, so once I'd painted my nails giving each nail two coats. I decided to go over with the clear top coat over silver kisses & the matt top coat over the grey, nightshade (the one next to my thumb) & satsuma.
I'm sure you all know the drill & how frustrating it is when you paint your nails & then they smudge, so try & leave as much time inbetween as you can.
Creating spooky eyes can look like it could be tricky, but don't worry. It really isn't you just need the right tools, patience & a steady(ish) hand.
Don't worry about the tools neither, they aren't expensive. I found this dotting tool set in poundland, any guesses how much it cost me? ;)
All you need to create the dots other than your dotting tool is tin foil, you know what you usually see wrapped around a jacket potato when it's in the oven...yes, that's it.
 can you spot the difference between the lighting? I much, much, much prefer natural lighting, I will learn from this.
So to create your dots like I briefly said is to use dotting tool (preferably different sizes, I used three different sizes for this) & tin foil. All you do is blob some of your nail polish on to your tin foil & then simply dip your dotting tool in & then just transfer the polish on to your nail. I tend to dab & then do two dots on my nail & then get some more polish on my dotting tool.
On my thumb I used nightshade for the biggest dot & the smallest dot. Then I used Barry M, matt white for the middle dot.
 excuse the piece of cotton wool hanging from my skin :) oh so professional!
 Then on my nightshade nail I decided to do it the other way around, to create a creepy effect. I used the matt white for the biggest dot & smallest, then the nightshade for the middle dot.

All that is left to do now is protect your newly painted nails, wait a little while first though so you don't smudge them & then remove any paint around your fingernails/on your skin. My spooky eyes currently have a smudged/running effect, not by choice but you can't really tell unless you look up close.

taaaa daaaaaa, nails are complete! Of course, my right hand isn't as good, not that far off actually. Still look like eyes, so that is a bonus!
Happy Halloween (a day late, opppss)! Did you get up to anything for Halloween?


  1. Love the nails! I might give them a go. Xx

    1. thanks :) I need to get a little bit better at posting them before the event :) xxxx