the kindness of strangers

I'm currently sat in my kitchen feeling the need to blog & a thought that popped in my head was to share a few little stories recently where strangers have been kind. I mean this in a non creepy way, but I still feel every time I say strangers it sounds creepy. :/

Anyway, I'm going to share with you a few things (more than likely just end up being 2 things, better than none hey?!) that I've experienced recently that have changed my mood & made my day brighter. It also restored my faith in man kind too.

First friendly stranger story...
A few weeks ago I popped in to Asda to pick up a few bits, I don't tend to get a basket so I don't spend as much...a girl can only carry so much, that's my thinking anyway. But I was working my way to the self check out & a random man saw I was struggling a little/doing a balancing act & he actually offered me his shopping basket, it was empty of course. That man in my eyes earned good human points that day!

Second friendly stranger story...
Today I drove to a town I'd never been to, to find a theatre where my mum is going to tonight to see one of her favourite singers. Let's make the story shortish yeah? My mum turns 60 this year (ssshhh, don't tell anyone) ;) so we bought some flowers for her favourite singer to give to her during the show from us. I drove to the theatre, got lost, ended up down the wrong street...eventually spotted sign posts instead of listening to the sat nav, ended up outside the theatre & didn't have a clue where to park, sky getting darker then I spotted a traffic warden (you know the ones who give out parking tickets) & he came over & said "you look a little confused", "I am, I need to quickly nip in to that theatre to take some flowers that are going to be given to my mum tonight, where can I park?"..."park behind that ford & go straight in then straight back out". See, traffic wardens aren't all meanies! It really made my day, behind every profession there is a person, a human who can be understanding & helpful.



  1. A little unexpected kindness is enough to turn a whole day around!
    Loved this post Anna.
    And I'm baaaaaaack!
    M x

    1. without a doubt Michelle & YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! (that was genuine happiness, I'm sooooo happy!) xxx