A little Sunday chat with no actual meaning, oh why not!

I've not blogged since Monday, this week has been so busy. I don't know how I would of actually managed it if I had still been working, I really wouldn't. I'd be at work now, not recharging my batteries. After the weekend I've had I feel like I need to recharge them.

Friday was crammed with party prepping, getting my hair done, getting ready to party. My mum threw herself a party for her 60th, a little early cos she couldn't get booked in nearer to her birthday. I mean who doesn't love early birthday celebrations?! So Friday was filled with ridiculously high anxiety, constantly feeling sick all day long (yayyyy, we love that feeling!). In all honesty if it wasn't my mums party chances are I would of probably given it a miss but I didn't & I did enjoy myself, minus the sick feeling & then stomach pain. It was so good to be able to spend some time with people I don't often get to. One thing I wish I could change was to get more photos but I didn't, I didn't feel up to wandering round everyone taking photos. I also didn't want to really be in photos because I was beetroot red (the room was roasting!), but in the same breathe I absolutely did want to. I did get a few good photos (minus the redness or my awkward smile!). Another thing I wish I'd done was dance (I didn't dance, at all) but I just felt with half the room in darkness & the other in light it was abit too much. I didn't get in to bed until 5 to 1, I wasn't overly impressed about that part...I like to be tucked up in bed at a reasonable time & it appears my body does too.

Saturday, well Saturday was an extremely short day. I didn't get up til around 12 & I just nipped to town to get some food, came home, had a nice bath & washed my hair, then cooked myself some tea, got comfy & watched Frozen. The first time I've managed to watch Frozen all the way through & what a beautiful film it is.

Now were on Sunday, I'm sat at my fold away table next to my bedroom window occasionally enjoying the view outside but mainly just enjoying the natural daylight coming in & the smell of my Christmas Cookie candle. I'm just about to start another blog post too, surrounding Taylor Swifts new album.

I'm pretty gutted at the minute too cos I can't do my nails. On Thursday I booked my mum in to have her nails done for her party & then ended up having mine done too, to save me painting them the next day & smudging them. Don't get me wrong, they are beautiful but it has only been a few days & I'm wanting to pick them off already (totally can't, I've tried)! But I will share with you the beauty of them.

They are absolutely gorgeous but I'm just clearly not a gel polish kind of girl. I've also just attempted to do a diy to share on here...that is currently a no go, I'm going to try my best to create another one. Inbetween wrapping Christmas presents & writing cards (yes, I'm that organised) atleast December can be filled with Christmas fun...no Christmas stressful shopping.
How are you all doing? & how have you spent your Sunday?


  1. Those nails look magnificent and there'll be plenty more time for dancing madam, don't you worry!
    Hope you're having a great week.
    M x

    1. the nails were magnificent but I kind of got a little bored after four days...on the plus side, I can share some nail polish posts again, hooorraayyyyy!!! :) xxx