limited edition 'starlight' by Barry M, bought in Boots

I've not been able to blog for what feels like an awful long time recently, I just haven't had the energy to...that sucks! For just over a month now I've been in my new job, at first I was really excited but now it really feels like the excitement of it has worn off (really hope nobody from work reads this, I won't be sharing it with them so no worries plus I'm only being honest). I'm questioning if the job is for me, if the company is for me. I'm probably going to receive remarks like 'a job is a job', I'm well aware of that & I'm well aware I'm obviously earning money too but I want there to be more to it than that. How are we meant to know what job we want to do? Other than maybe try a few different kind of jobs, move around a little? I don't know, I'm open for suggestions. Or maybe this is just a doubt moment I'm having who knows? Should I be sharing it on here? Probably not but I'm afraid I am.

On Monday morning I thought I had a lot more time before work than I actually had, I'm sure that has happened to many of you before too. I'm trying my best to snap all my blog photos in natural lighting, that in my eyes is the way forward. Cut the story short? It was light on Monday morning, I painted my nails, snapped away, got some good (I'm hopeful) pictures & ta dah, we have the possibility of a new blog post. Let's get blogging, chitty chat style...

In Boots at the minute you can pick up two limited edition nail polishes by Barry M. Today I'm going to share just one with you, I introduce to you...

I've got a little bit of a soft spot for glittery, sparkly things...especially nail varnish! So when I spotted this in Boots I just had to add it to my collection (ok, ok...I didn't have to add it but I did, ok?...) I mean, come on...look at the glorious little creation.
I'm sure that I'll be using this polish on top of many others over these next couple of months & more than likely through in to next year too, but today I'm going to share with you how it looks on top of Barry M's raspberry classic paint.
I'm absolutely in love with using the matte top coat, best creation!!! Perfect for the autumn months in my opinion, turn that glossy red in to a dull matte colour & by dull I mean a beautiful dull too not a nasty boring dull.

please excuse the state of my painting, nails & skin...thanks! :)

After first using this polish once so far the only thing I hope for is that next time I get a lot more stars, fingers crossed!

Have you picked up any of Barry M's latest limited edition polishes? I have picked up the other one (moonlight) available in Boots, I'll be blogging about that one next.
Or have you picked up any of other limited edition polishes or just new polishes in general? Let me know, let's be friends & talk about nail polishes?!


  1. The starlight nail polish is gorgeous! Love how you've combined the red with the glitter, your nails look great! xxxx

    1. I bloomin' LOVE it!! :) & thank you Eva :) xxxx

  2. Replies
    1. me too, I'm just starting getting photos ready for the next part :) xx