a year in my life, 2014

Most people will probably be getting excited about going out, painting the town red. Not me, no...I'm genuinely really looking forward to recapping my last year in my pjs from the comfort of my sofa. Before I started writing this one I reread 'a year in my life,2013' ...last year I didn't manage to do each month separately but this year I can, I have so much to share. I think we could be in for a lengthy post, you have been warned...

When it comes to keeping a diary, I'm a little bit pants. But this year was different. I managed to keep my diary pretty much up to date up until November, I'm impressed & next year I'm going to try for the whole year.

So with both the help of my diary & blog post archive I think it's time to recap 2014, what a year it has been...

January saw me turn 22, of course in the style of Taylor Swift. I did spend the majority of the day either playing 22 or singing, "I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22... everything will be alright if we just keep dancing like were 22...". I think I'll have to  listen to it a little bit more since I wont be 22 forever, once I'm 23 it wont feel appropriate, damn getting old! My 22nd birthday also saw me go to the cinema for the first time in over 4 years, crazy.

With highs must come lows, I failed my driving test first time around. Oh, well that was pants.

Oh, were going back up again...I shared two of my old letters to my mind/brain. I felt it would be a good way of sharing hope with you, proof that things can be hard & then they can get better. If you want to check that out, I'll leave the link...here!

January saw me share on my blog the fantastic charity called Coppafeel, I'll leave the link to that post right...here.

Still going upwards, I created & hit publish on my first ever diy nail post...when I tried my hand at something new.

Onwards & upwards we go still, I had the pleasure to have Bethany, creator of Loving Dot on my blog...click Loving Dot & you'll go back in the past to the post...ooh time travelling for you. I'm very pleased to say that I now class Bethany as a friend of mine, I'd like to thank her for being so genuinely lovely & wish her all the luck in the world for 2015. I know 2015 will see Loving Dot grow even more with new stock. Be sure to check out Loving Dot, you won't regret it...loveliness for your eyes even if you don't buy anything.



February saw the first ever time to talk day, not only was it the first ever time to talk day. It was also the very first day that I met my lovely friend Nicola. You can read all about it here, if you like.

I'd also been blogging for a whole year, one whole year...I'm almost reaching the two year mark, crackers! So, can I call myself a blogger now?

I blogged about the difference a year or two can make... , I thought I'd throw this one in my yearly recap because I certainly do think it's good to recap on things. Why not check it out?

Oh & February was the month when I actually PASSED MY DRIVING TEST! I still can't fully get over it & I'm still beyond proud of myself. It was & still is such a massive achievement for me. If it wasn't for Sharon I wouldn't of achieved it, massive thanks to my driving instructor Sharon! I'd recommend her to anyone without even having to think about it. Tilly also became part of my life too, yes I have named my car...don't pretend you haven't named yours.

One last thing in February, I did a cupcake course but I got round to blogging about it in March...want to see some yummy cupcakes? Look no further...CUPCAKES! 

I had a Happy Monday for Mind. I went over to Nicola's for the very first time & March also saw me take a trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park. March wasn't overly busy in real life or over on my blog, atleast it's balancing out this post.


I created my top tips for learning to drive, whilst dealing with anxiety. I'm so pleased to say that this is my most popular post out of every single post I've written.

April was the month I attempted to overcome my fear of the dentists. I managed pretty well, I managed to have a check up & a filing. With the filing I managed to go on my own too, big achievement for me. Obviously I haven't fully overcome it but it's better than not going.


I had nothing in my diary for the month of May so I checked in on my blog posts to see what happened & I thought I'd just share with you my first attempt at a 'fashion' post...how I 'style' my dungarees. I really enjoyed creating this post & I'm hoping to create some more in the new year after enjoying it so much & the feedback I got.

Plus I decided to create a post sharing some of my achievements in you can still have an illness & achieve something...


I went to see Boyzone live (with Kian Egan), that was an incredible time & I'm hoping to create more memories like that this next year.

What goes up must come down, I attempted to go to a bloggers meet up. Attempted says it all really, it was a no go. Hey, atleast I tried.


I spent the day in a park for a family friends birthday. Two years before I had to miss their wedding in the same village we live in so it was an absolute achievement for me & I really enjoyed myself.

Beat Cancer BBQ, bbqing with family & friends whilst raising money at the same time...what could be better?!

A definite highlight for me this year was winning a competition with Barry M.


I met a boy, boy isn't still in my life, do I still think about him? Occasionally yes of course, I'm human with feelings. Enough said. Nothing else to say on the topic but it is something that happened so I thought I'd throw it in here.

I took a trip down memory blog lane, looking back at how things have changed.


I had my first ever group job assessment, I didn't get to the next stage of the job interview process. But September was the month I did get a job. Wow, September is abit of a short section.


Firstly I blogged about getting my new job. Oh, & having a panic attack at work too.

Up & down month but a happy, happy thing is a whole lot of chitty chat turned ONE! Awww, my little internet baby.


Life didn't seem to have much going on in the last two months of 2014. I kind of left my job, maybe that was why things didn't seem busy because I took things a little bit steadier.

November was the month I finally watched Frozen, I loved it & decided to create a post sharing what I learnt from Frozen.


December was abit of a scary month for me, health wise. I was convinced I must have Breast Cancer (my mum had it), I don't I've been had appointments & been checked. Trust me, if I could convince myself the sky was green & the grass was blue I'm sure I would.

But of course, life has ups & downs. That was the down part of December. Upside...I'M GOING TO SEE ONE DIRECTION!!! Yeah, I'm clearly not excited about that. December obviously also bought Christmas too, that was pretty good. But now I'm not feeling it anymore, it's boring me a little bit. It doesn't bore me every year, it just feels like it's dragged on for far too long this year.

Ok, that is the recap done & dusted for another year. These years are going by crazily fast, this year even more so for some reason.

A little note now to the girls I've become friends with over the past year. I want to say that each & every single one of you are incredible & unique in your own way. I love each & every single one of you. I love watching each & every single one of you grow even more as a person. I wish you all the best for 2015, I hope it is amazing for you!

I hope you've all had a lovely Christmas & Happy New Year to you!!!

p.s. If you've done a recap on your blog too, please share it with me. I love reading them & recapping with you.


  1. Happy New Year! 2014 looks like a year full of ups and downs for you; fingers crossed 2015 has lots more lovely ups and not so many downs! :-) xx

    1. thank you very much :) a very delayed happy new year to you too Louisa! :) of course, that is life :) here's hoping :) xxx

  2. What a lovely post. I thouroughly enjoyed reading it x


    1. thank you Asbeena, I'm glad you enjoyed it :) xxx