no 'suffering', no 'battling', just living

Last night I decided I wasn't going to use twitter or instagram for a few days, well that lasted the whole of about 10 hours & that was because I was asleep. Sometimes I make quick decisions thinking it'll be a really good idea & then in reality it just isn't going to work. You can't just switch off from something you are so used to. I check twitter & instagram first thing in the morning, it's like my morning paper. The plan is to just use it a little less, no ipad/screens first thing in the morning or past half 9. I need to get myself in to a healthy sleeping routine. Anyway, that hasn't really explained this post at all.

The post title came to me after contacting Kris Hallenga (the founder of Coppafeel), I then read her twitter bio...

'Not 'suffering' 'battling' just living!'
It really struck a chord with me. For so long I've been claiming to both suffering & battling with anxiety but in actual fact right now, I'm just living with it. I'm no longer suffering with it, because I can now manage it. I'm no longer battling with it, because I know how to control it. I don't run away from my anxiety anymore, I just accept it & live with it.
I thought I'd share this quote with you all because it rang so true to me & I thought I'd save it on my little chunk of the internet.


  1. This sure is a great quote and you're right. All our problems we're dealing with aren't something we're suffering or battling. We're just living with it.

    The Life of Little Me