limited edition 'Moonlight' by Barry M, bought in Boots ft. Blood Orange (gelly collection)

Remember a few weeks ago when I shared on here the limited edition nail polish Starlight? If you've not seen that post you can check it out by :)

Barry M currently have two limited edition nail polishes in Boots, that would be Starlight & then as you have probably guessed by the title, Moonlight. Let me introduce you...

Before I get adding in any pictures of Moonlight on my nails I'd like to apologise on the state of my nails, I'm genuinely not sure if I'd gone around with the nail varnish remover or not...let's pretend I hadn't? Save myself some of the embarrassment :P
I decided this time round to show the polish with a base coat & on natural nails too. Since I used one of the new autumn gelly polishes by Barry M (Blood Orange) I thought I might aswell throw that in this post aswell instead of creating two separate ones, what a terrific idea!
Let's share the lime light equally & introduce blood orange in to the post now...
Blood Orange (Gelly collection)

In this photo I decided to show you the colour both with its natural gelly effect & then top the other one with my matte top coat, that top coat is getting a post of its really is that good! I rarely have glossy nails now.

Blood Orange is without a doubt, the perfect red I mean, red know, proper red. Double decker bus red, postbox red, Rudolf nose red...It also happens to have made a pretty good base for Moonlight...

Just to let you know this shiny, shiny polish is an absolute bugger to photograph. I mean, how am I meant to take it without there being bits that are too shiny? I tried my best, pinkie swear.

Let's see how I got on taking it without a colour base...

Oooh, maybe a little bit better. Atleast you can see what the polish looks like, I think it's certainly eye catching & will without a doubt add a little sparkle to any dull manicure.

Want to see my whole creation now? Well, my left hand anyway...

I absolutely love mixing effects on my nails, you know...add a bit of glitter here, a matte effect there, throw in a gloss effect too.

I tried my best to photo all the polishes, but it proved a little difficult, here is my best shot...

I have absolutely no idea what so ever what happened to Moonlight in this one.

Right, I've come here to do what I wanted to do. I'm going to end this post here before I start rambling (ok, rambling even more). I hope you enjoyed this post.

Do you own either Starlight or Moonlight? Which is your favourite? Or which one would you purchase?

*whispers* I'd totally choose Starlight any day! No offence Moonlight, but you just don't have the same effect on me that Starlight does.

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