adding a bit of sparkle into my life, in the form of nail polish...

Firstly, I've come to a decision about blogging when it comes to nail posts. I absolutely LOVE nail polish...shock horror, I know! But I've decided that I'm not a fan of buying nail polishes & then just sharing them on here. Don't get me wrong, some people do buy to share & that is fine, I'm not saying I disagree with it but it just isn't for me. I don't want to be going out & just thinking 'yeah, I'll blog about this later', cos sometimes things don't turn out as nice as you'd think (talking previous experience, I was going to blog about some polishes & they just weren't my cup of tea) & I don't want to share things on here I don't really love. So maybe I'll occasionally share a new purchase on here, even though half the time I don't fully know what to say. Maybe that's why I've come to the conclusion... 
I'm more of a get creative kind of girl & show others how to recreate that look too. Get creative with it all, get my mind working & my creative juices flowing. Hopefully now over the period between Christmas & New Year I'm going to think of some looks I'd like to create. Inspiration can come from the strangest & simplest of places, let's see where I find mine.
Tonight though I'm going to share with you two of my latest glitter polishes that I picked up cos I loooovveeee me some glitter. I didn't buy these at the same time & when I came to paint my nails & saw them both I thought, 'oh I don't remember buying two of them'. It turns out they aren't the same polish but are still similar in ways so I thought I'd share them both with you because I just bloomin' love them so much. They make me smile every time I look down at my nails, probably look down at them more than I should...yes, I'm a little weird.

Occasionally when I plan on painting my nails with a glitter I just plan on painting two fingers, usually my ring finger & thumb. This time round with the polishes being both different I thought I'd just do one on each. Yeah, that plan soon went out the window when the polish touched my nail.

I started off with using a base colour, I chose to use Barry M's 'Nightshade'. I'm not a big fan of dark nail polishes but this one I really like (I like it even more with the matte top coat over it). It is a deep grey/light black (does that even make any sense?) but seems to have a tint of purple to it too (don't hold me to that, it could just be my eyes).

Actually looking at these photos there is absolutely no tint of purple at all, hmmm weird. Tint of purple or no tint of purple this colour is truly beautiful.

Nightshade works as a fantastic background for both glitter nail polishes.
On my thumbs I used Barry M's 'Amethyst' glitter. Amethyst is a lot more compact, the glitter is a lot more together. Without a doubt it would make a fantastic nail polish without even needing a background colour.
Barry M, Amethyst Glitter
On the rest of my fingers (originally just my ring fingers) I used Barry M's 'Masquerade'. I mean how can you not spread the love with this glitter once you see it?
Barry M, Masquerade
Just by looking into the bottles can you spot the difference of the polish?
I certainly can, I then thought I'd compare the bottles...
Could the shaping of the inside of the bottles have something to do with the polish inside? I think it could but I'm no nail polish expert, no sirey, not in the slightest. I'm just having a guess.
I decided to mix my nails up a little bit too. Both my thumbs & ring fingers had a clear top coat & the others all had the lovely matte top coat (I bloomin' love that stuff)!

How seriously lovely does it look even with matte on top? & nicely on my skin too, yeah I'm good at this nail painting business.
Ok, I've been going on for long enough now so I'll throw in a photo of the finished look & leave it at that.
How many of you (if any of you are left) are thinking jeez, how much can one girl talk?! Believe you me, I'm just as bad in real life too.


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