Barry M 'Ruby Slippers' & Rimmel London 60 Seconds 'Rapid Ruby' (undercover)

Ok, so first off we have a slight problem. I can only seem to narrow down the photos I've taken to twelve. Photo filled post anyone? I'll try to narrow it down a little bit as I go along, can't make any promises & they aren't all the same photo so it'll be all good...hopefully!

This week I'm absolutely loving wearing Ruby Slipper by Barry M on top of Rapid Ruby by Rimmel London. I painted them on Monday night & here we are on Thursday & there is no sign of a chip at all, I'm pretty impressed.

In all honesty when I picked up Ruby Slippers I thought it would be full on glitter & wouldn't require a coloured base coat, unfortunately I was wrong but it wasn't a problem since I'd also recently bought Rapid Ruby. At the minute I have a soft spot for raspberry reds & deep burgundy reds. So add the two together & we are on to a winner.

You can probably tell by looking at Ruby Slippers that it will produce a small amount of glitter & definitely requires a coloured base coat to help it out a little. 

At first I did try to paint Ruby Slippers on its own seeing as I thought it was a solid glitter polish like some others I own. But once it has a coloured undercoat it gives a real festive look.
And of course it gives off a different shading depending on the lighting.

What I really love about Ruby Slipper is the fact of it has a little bit of texture to it & at the same time it manages to also have a glossy finish to it. Slightly debating now if I took the photo below before or after I'd added the top coat, I'm certain it was after & according to the camera times it was after. Plus if I touch the polish now it does have a rough feel to it.

See what I mean?
Throwing in one more picture to the mix wont hurt will it?
I didn't think so either! :) he he.
I've got a feeling I'll be getting my use out of Ruby Slipper both on top of Rapid Ruby & other colours too. It certainly does have that festive feel to it. 

This week I also went into my local Boots & picked up two glittery polishes from the Seventeen range. I've had glittery polishes from their collection before & I haven't needed to add a coloured base underneath so I'm hoping I wont have to with these two new ones either. If they turn out lovely & I'm impressed I'll of course be sharing them on here too.
Have you picked up any festive nail polishes recently? Or do you have a classic one you go back to around Christmas time?


  1. Your photos are on point! Your nails look amazing....think I'm going to have to make a trip to boots... haha xxx

    1. why thank you Eva :) & that is before Santa has brought me a new bigger one :) thank you!


  2. This is so so so so so beautiful! :) xxxx

    1. I absolutely have to agree with you! :) xxxx