it's ok not to be ok at Christmas...

'It's the most wonderful time of the year'
How many times have you heard this? I've currently got the jingle going in my head, you know the one...'it's the most wonderful time of the yearrrrrrrrr'. I don't want to bring a downer on to things cos don't get me wrong Christmas can be a magical & wonderful time but when it comes to health I don't think it puts Christmas in to consideration. It doesn't think, 'oh you know what, I think we'll let them have the day off & they can feel great for one day of the year, consider it my Christmas gift to you'. I don't think it works like that at all.
But you know what, that is absolutely fine. It's ok not to be ok, what a true saying.
I thought I'd just throw this little post out there into the cyber world because I know a few people who are struggling to be happy & cheery. But you don't have to be happy & cheery, if you aren't well then you aren't well & that's ok too.
If you are struggling then don't be afraid to talk. Talking for me has helped me so much, so I thought I'd share that piece of knowledge/wisdom with you.
There is always someone out there, someone who will listen to you & be there for you.
If you are struggling with your mental health especially over the festive period don't be afraid to ask for help, talk, be heard.
I'm sure you will be able to get find help from both of these places.
You, reading this...don't ever suffer in silence, please.

I've wanted to create a post like this for a couple of weeks now & after reading a post about a fellow blogger attempting suicide, I couldn't think of a better time. I genuinely want anyone who is struggling to get the help they need & deserve. Reading the bloggers blog before I knew she suffered with her mental health but I clearly didn't realise to what extent she was struggling. I just want her to know now that if she ever needs someone to listen to her, I will try my best to be that ear.


  1. Right lets try this again seeing that it didn't post before...

    First off thank you for the personal message at the end, it's quite overwhelming to read as i never thought i'd impact anyone enough to warrant such a response. It honesty means a lot to me and i'll definitely try to reach out more in the future and the same goes for you, you can always always message me :)

    As for the post itself, it sums up what i've been thinking/feeling towards Christmas perfectly. I always dread this time of year because of the pressure to be happy and cheery and i think the pressure ends up making you feel a lot worse anyway so it's a bit of a horrid cycle.This year i'm definitely going to try and remember that it's ok not to be ok and hopefully accepting that will make everything just a little easier!

    Well done for trying to spread this message Anna and again thank you so so much for the messages and kind words xxxx

    1. :) silly phone ay :)

      you are more than welcome Charlotte, I'm so glad you are still here to read it & I meant what I said, whenever I can be there for you I will be :)

      there is a lot of pressure but you know what, it is ok not to be cheery about it all :) vicious circle springs to mind :/ I hope it does make everything a little bit easier & remember where I am :)

      <3 xxxxx

  2. You're just amazing Anna, such an important message to put out I to the world. It IS ok not to be ok.
    M x