My Driving Journey - Lesson 44 & 45

I'm quickly approaching 50 lessons now, how exciting!
How many lessons did it take for you to pass your test?
I find it interesting finding out, please leave me a comment :)
I haven't sat my test yet but I would rather have lots of lessons & get myself fully ready because being able to drive a car is such a powerful thing. You have to be extremely careful, accidents can easily happen & end in disaster. So I'm going to practice & make myself the best driver I can possibly be.

Monday 2nd December
Ok, ok so all I have to say is that we drove to the next town & I just obviously drove around. Obviously the more I practice the better I will get & the more experience I will get. I will get to experience a lot more different traffic situations..

Thursday 5th December
This mornings lesson was my first ever 90 minute lesson, well that made me feel a little bit uneasy...well the build up to it did. The day of the lesson itself was absolutely fine, I actually find myself getting excited now before my lessons! I mean really?! What happened to the girl I was last year?!?!?!?! I'm not complaining I am feeling much more confident & have more self belief.

So today I woke up thinking ooh it's abit windy....abit windy was not the word! It was the day when the weather was really bad, stormy infact. It was the day when the weather claimed 2 peoples lives. I didn't realise how bad the weather was until I went out into it. I had never experienced wind whilst driving really but today was definitely an experience. Sharon was even on about cancelling her lessons for the rest of the day. Luckily my lesson was at 9, so we headed over to the other side of the next town. The village we went to had recycle bins & rubbish blowing all over the street, it was pretty dangerous actually. We did the test route (well driving & Sharon would explain what they might ask me to do as we went along) & Sharon kept saying to me the bits I would be asked to do was nothing I couldn't handle anyway so that is great thing!

Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥

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