My Driving Journey - Lesson 46 & 47

I really feel like a broken record being amazed at how many lessons I've done but I seriously never thought it would be possible & I haven't had to cancel any....yet! No, I'm kidding. I don't plan on cancelling any. 
I don't know why or what even made me think of it but earlier the thought popped in my head that I had passed my theory test...yes, I passed it last month but I don't really think it has fully sunk in that I have managed to achieve that. Next stop, the practical driving test itself.
Dum, dum, dummmmmm....

Tuesday 10th December

Today my lesson was 90 minutes & a mock test too.. Is it slightly weird now that mock tests excite me? Surely I can't be the only one who really likes I? who knows, let me know how you feel about them in the comments :) So my lesson was based in the next town & surrounding villages.

 In your actual test you can be marked down for 15 minors & still pass. I got 10 minors today, we started my test at the test centre & carried on one of the possible routes they might ask me to take. 5 of the minors were on the same junction which was almost like a x shape. No, it wasn't a basic crossroad neither. It was weird, genuinely don't even know how to explain it so you'll just have to take my word for it that it was a toughy. Then 2 of the minors were when I completed an emergency stop, not greatly can I just add. But that is what mock tests are for right, to make mistakes & then learn from them & find out where you could be going wrong. The last 3 minors were for tiny things, 1 of them was for slowing down too soon. I can't remember the last 2 but just proves you have to be careful & safe to have a full licence. The amount of minors you could get I feel are just based on the road situation & the amount of traffic.

Thursday 12th December

Manoeuvres lesson today.. I think actually now a lot of my lessons excite me. I'm such a dork :) I get excited when I'm waiting for my lessons now. Yes admittedly today I felt sooo sick & at one point I thought I might just throw up in the car (ooohh lovely, too much info) but I carried on, completed the lesson & didn't throw up at all. Bonus! :) That was hard for me since I seem to have a slight fear of being sick out of the house but really does anyone actually want to be sick out of their house? If you don't like the subject of sick, I apologise..
I got to stay in my local town which felt weird because it feels like I haven't been driving around it for a while. We have mainly be going over to the next town, where the test centre is. I got to practice a parallel park twice, both went really well. Then I got to practice a reverse around a bend.. I always get confused if its called a reverse around a bend or a reverse around a corner...corner & bend are similar though right so what difference does it make? I practiced this about 4 times to make sure I had it sorted. Admittedly last time it felt like it took about 7 attempts to complete it right. Sharon did say it is a tricky corner though, but she does it on the difficult ones just so we can prove to ourselves that we can do it & when we are given a simpler one we should have no trouble. Then before heading home I got to do a 3 point turn ooooh, the excitement! :) I did make it in 3, woohoo! Yes, I did accidently bump the kerb..only a little so all is good. On our way home I also got to practice an emergency stop, can I just say I don't feel like I've quite mastered these. The first time I try I'm not great & then the second time all the papers on the back seat end up on the floor, is that a good sign?
I just want to add in here that if I wasn't blogging about my progress with driving that I might have found it so much harder to do. I've received a lot of support & lovely comments from you, so thank you! I hope if you are debating being able to learning to drive that maybe this might help you along the way? Or maybe in some other part of your life, if your doubting yourself..know that whatever you want to do, you are capable of it. If you set your mind to it & stick to it!
You can do it & just like Amy said in my recent post, you've got this!
Thanks for reading & coming along my journey with me.
- Anna ♥

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  1. I swear I didn't have to take that many driving tests when I was learning! Fun to follow along!