Hey, let's talk about....the end of my blogging routine

It's safe to say when I started my random 'hey, let's talk about....' series as such on here, I never thought I would write 17 in total. For now though this one will be my last one, maybe forever, maybe for a little while. Who knows? I might feel like bringing it back at some point, just not so scheduled. I thought I'd round it off on an even number, cos I'm a little weird like that....this one is number 18. I've been debating about it for a little while & I think back now to why I started my blog & I didn't really have a set plan to follow, I just blogged when I wanted, about whatever I wanted. So I'm going to rewind & get back on track.
I didn't start blogging to become big/to become somebody/to become a well known blogger. I started blogging to escape my mind, to get all my thoughts out & into something productive. Then later on when I realised people were reading I thought I could use my little blog to maybe help people realise they aren't alone in whatever they are facing & whatever they are going through they should not be going through it alone. Talking really does help in my opinion. Why don't you give it a little try. What is the worst that can happen?
I've just thought some people might not even realise if I had just brought this to an end without warning, but nevermind. You regular lovely readers would of probably realised. I don't actually have anything else to say other than sometimes life changes a little bit every now & then & we just have to make a few adjustments here & there. A slight adjustment I'm making for life changes is scheduled blogging, I will blog whenever I want..about whatever I want. Back to basic guys!
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Well that was a lovely bit of waffle wasn't it? I just partly felt like I was becoming lost in my old routine & my possible new routine. My old routine didn't feel 100% me so I thought I'd be honest & share that with you.
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥


  1. totally understand your decision! it seems the best, since the blog is about your life, and, as you say, you're the one holding the pen ^^
    quality > quantity. no one would blame you for that

    1. :) thank you!
      Exactly, I am in charge :)

  2. You should totally blog when and how you want to. If a schedule isn't working for you then you should go back to sporadically writing about what you want, when you want. I'm in the process of coming up with new plans for my blog in the new year.

    Debi x

    1. :) that is exactly what I'm going to do :)
      ooohh...I'm excited to see these :) xx