My Driving Journey - Lesson 43

Thursday 28th November
During todays lesson we headed over to the next town & I just got to literally practice driving around a lot more. My lesson was at 3 so there was a lot more traffic about & it started getting dark whilst we were out. I didn't end my lesson at home I ended it at a shop where I was helping out at an event so ending at a different location is a little different experience in itself. Since I'm used to ending on a very quiet street with very little traffic. That is all I actually have to say for my update today, oh I forgot to mention...I am improving on roundabouts now too. woo hoo!!!! I've just realised it was actually only my last lesson that I learnt I had a fault on roundabouts but I got to practice a lot of roundabouts today.
Are you learning to drive?
What are you enjoying most?
Thanks for coming along my journey with me.
- Anna ♥

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