My Driving Journey - Lesson 48 & 49

I'm currently skyping my cool friend Nicola...her words not mine I'd just like to add :P hehe! Ok, she is pretty cool! I didn't know how to start the post but now I'm just going to go for it..

Is the run up to Christmas manic for everybody? I have a list today soooo long! But I added on my list time to skype, have my lunch & blog so here I am. Got to add some good things during the day inbetween cleaning bathrooms, steaming floors, hoovering, tidying bedrooms & a pile of ironing.. fun times my friends, fun times!

If you have followed along with my journey from the start, can you believe how far I've actually come? I know I can't..

I'll shut up with my waffling now shall I & just get on with how I've done this week?

Tuesday 17th December
Today I drove to the next town & first thing when we arrived I did a 3 point turn on a housing estate & made it in 3, I love the feeling of completing a manoeuvre right first time. Afterwards we headed to Aldi car park to have a few practices at bay parking, I practiced 3 different times in 3 different spots & they all went really well, win win win! Then I drove on & got to practice a parallel park which went well. After this we drove on to another housing estate where I got to practice a reverse around a bend & this went really well too. All in all, my lesson was a success!!!!

Thursday 19th December
My lesson today was based in my local town & I got to practice all four of the manoeuvres. First of we practiced a parallel park & then headed to a big car park where I got to practice bay parking. It went really well, half way through I decided to ask Sharon if anyone had ever crashed the car during a lesson..luckily nobody has, she hasn't let that happen but a few people have bumped into the car when the driver has accidentally stalled...naughty, naughty! People should be patient & careful. After this I got to practice a 3 point turn & yessss...did it in 3! Then I got to practice a reverse around a bend, which went pretty well & afterwards I drove to my parents shop in town where I was finishing my lesson today. I find it good being able to end the lesson in different places because then you are gaining more experience.

I feel my lessons have been a real success this week & I also have some news for you all too. Can anyone guess what that news is? (Nicola, you can't comment & already know)

If you fancy having a guess, leave me a comment below :)

Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥

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