Monday giggle anyone?

Monday has arrived, some of you might be excited about the fact of a new week ahead & some of you might be like urgh, Monday is here again.... So I thought I'd just do this quick post before I blog in a little bit about my driving. Everybodys Monday will be different, some of you will be back to school/ back to work, some of you might be catching up on blog posts & youtube videos.
I have just logged on to my bloglovin' account to see over 50 posts I haven't read, WOW! So whilst I'm catching up I thought I would share two videos that I have watched this morning. I genuinely haven't laughed so much in ages. So if you need a giggle to cheer you up, I don't think you will be disappointed.
Firstly I watched The Headband Challenge on Alfie aka PointlessBlog with Joe aka ThatcherJoe
Then I couldn't resist watching Joe's video called Electric Shock Challenge
I really hope these made you laugh & brightened up your Monday morning!
- Anna ♥

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