25 facts about me...part one

I really enjoy reading these kind of posts & watching the videos because you always find something new about the blogger or youtuber & feel more connected to them in some way or other. Usually it's either 25 facts or 50 facts. I personally think 50 facts is a lot to kind of read in one go. So I've decided to just do 25 for now & then I'll do another 25 in the future.
Let's begin....

I couldn't do a post without involving a little image
 & I didn't feel comfortable uploading one of myself yet.

1. My name is Anna.
2. I'm twenty one.
3. I live with my parents.
4. I suffer from anxiety & panic attacks, ok maybe you already knew that.
5. I'm currently trying to get my life back on track.
6. I have a slight addiction to nail varnish, I think that deserves its own post.
7. I have never been drunk, actually I've never drunk alcohol...one time I did try some wine & spat it back in the glass, oh so lady like & elegant. So that doesn't count cos I didn't swallow it.
8. I have never been on a airplane...ever.
9. I'm currently learning to drive to help me overcome my anxiety & panic attacks, well help me cope, give me something to focus on & it gets me out the house a little at a time.
10. I used to play football for the school team & local team.
11. I was a brownie & a guide.
12. I have never had a full time job..my NVQ was full time but I got a pound an hour.
13. I have an NVQ in Business & Admin.
14. I've never been to a club/pub/experienced the social night life, except parties.
15. I have never been admitted to hospital.
16. Since I was little I had a fear of dogs until last year...separate post to follow.
17. I have a selection of fears/feared situations that I want to overcome,
but who doesn't?
18. I love being out in the fresh air.
19. I love when Saturday nights are filled with good entertainment, like now...stepping out, x factor & through the keyhole.
20. I'm not a fan of horror films, what's the point in scaring yourself silly so you don't sleep or so every noise your convinced is a murderer.
21. Duvet days are the best...obviously when you don't feel poorly cos then you just feel sorry for yourself.
22. My favourite Winnie The Pooh character is Tigger, always has & always will.
23. I always like to look on the bright side of life & think positive.
24.  I have 7 GCSEs.
25. I have never been to London.

Have you done a similar post?
Do we have anything in common?
Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥


  1. Great post, Anna! Funny that we did a Facts About Me post on the same day! Great minds, huh?
    My other half doesn't drink alcohol either. I think he's maybe had two alcoholic drinks in his whole life. I'm not much of a drinker either though. Just the occasional one. I totally love duvet days too. Lazy days are best.

    Debi x

    1. Thanks Debi :)
      I wrote it up last night too but got busy after that :) hehe..I bet you wrote yours in advance too :)
      If one person says that you would be surprised how many people actually don't drink.
      Me too, obviously..as I have just wrote it in my post hehe :)

  2. Great post Anna :) I think your right with dividing it in half.
    I too don't drink so we have that in common. I see no point in it. Along with the watching X-Factor traditionally every weekend. I also played football in school. I think it's amazing that you've never been to London...or that you've never been admitted in a hospital. Your lucky! I'm positive that you'll over come your fears. Even with you over coming your anxiety, your taking huge steps with learning to drive. I can't wait to see your progression and success in your future blogs Anna.

    Luv Michaela x

    1. Thanks Michaela! :)
      I think you need a thank you too for reading :)
      I'm exactly the same, what a waste of money if you ask me :) Defiantly a tradition :)
      Awww thank you Michaela :)
      you are so sweet :)

  3. great post, and great blog so i'm now following you :) i've been reading through these thinking yep yep met too! i love nail polish too - addicted i think the word is; good luck with your driving :) i learnt to drive and i suppose i'm more confident but i hate driving haha; i was a guide too and have NVQ in business admin. I'm still afraid of dogs, i get so uptight around them, especially when they're off their leads, i will just avoid them if i can. I've never been to a club either, it just doesn't really sound good to me. My favourite Winnie the pooh character is Eeyore :)

    1. Thank you :) without a doubt I'm addicted to nail polish too, a massive box full :D Thank you very much! :) I really enjoy driving :) woo, high five for being a guide :) & gosh we do have a lot in common :)I'm with you on the club opinion too, much rather stay in :) xx