My Driving Journey - Lesson 25 & 26

This feels crazy that I've actually managed to complete 26 lessons & I've actually not cancelled any. Crazyyyy & hard for me to believe. I genuinely never thought I'd be able to learn to drive but look at me go, go, go!

Tuesday 17th September
During my lesson today we headed into town & to a car park to practice bay parking, this time a car park with cars actually parked in. I was slightly nervous about it but also really excited about being able to experience & practice parking in the spots with cars there to actually help & make it a little easier. Every time someone asks me now how I got on I'm like "we practiced bay parking, with cars & I didn't hit any". This makes me sound like such an unsafe & reckless driver, I'm not at all. I'm very safe & I consider myself a good driver too. I was very pleased & proud of my manoeuvring & parking of the car during the lesson. I feel like I'm really getting my head around it completely.
Friday 20th September
Today we headed to the next town but instead of going through town we went round on the bypass & did some more roundabouts. I'm still abit unsure about roundabouts but it is clicking in to place more now. Once you've mastered roundabouts I think they are an incredible experience, just the way they actually work & how everyone literally filters in & out...Well I think it's safe to say I sound like I need to get out more. I actually really enjoy driving round this town now because when I'm driving I'm discovering new streets & places that I never knew were there.
For once my post doesn't feel so length & full of me rambling on. So that is my update on how I got on during my driving lessons this week. It's scary now to think I'm actually getting closer lesson by lesson to my test. I'm still to sit my theory test though so it won't be any time soon.
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥


  1. roundabout are clever Lol just have to watch out for stupid drivers. I passed a couple of years ago, best moment ever! I missed my first test cos i thought it was on thuesday,not tuesday. failed the first one, then, passed the second time!!!! my friend has failed like 10 times, i think she just has bad luck each time :-( So excited for you. keep me up updated x

    1. oooh yes, I completely agree with you! :) There is quite a few of them on the road! haha..well done you :) & WOW 10 times, that must of been hard to of kept on going but atleast she did it :) thank you! :) I shall keep you updated don't you worry :) xxxx