My Driving Journey - Lesson 19 & 20

Can I just say I never really expected to get past my first driving lesson in all honesty & here I am, heading towards driving lesson number 21! It appears there is no stopping me now..Let's go go go....
Tuesday 27th August
Today I expected to be going on a drive around kind of lesson but I was wrong..
We went on to an housing estate where we have been before to practice (is practice spelt like that or like practise? If you could let me know that'll be great) some manoeuvres. I got to practice doing 3 point turns. Gosh, it's weird what you remember when you haven't done it for a couple of weeks. Then I drove through my town, well the outskirts to the next village. Dealing with traffic lights & a big roundabout. I got to practice reversing round a corner before heading back home. I think it went fairly well to say I obviously hadn't really practiced because driving around doesn't usual involve the manoeuvres.
Thursday 29th August
So today was a drive around kind of lesson, but not just any kind of drive around lesson..wait for it, an independent driving lesson. Can I get a ooohhhh? We went to the next town, the anxiety provoking one for those who are just tuning in. Then we headed towards the bypass, my instructor then said I would be doing some independent driving. Which is basically where you just have to follow the signs & make your own judgement. It was pretty fun actually because as you'll know if you are taking lessons or have taken them, your instructor is like a sat the end of the road, turn left. So the sat nav/instructor was muted for a while & I think it went pretty well..
That is all I have to share other than, oh wait for it...
Yes, you have probably guessed..
Are you currently learning to drive?
Or have recently passed?
Actually have you been driving for years?
Let me know in the comments below if you have any advice.
I love to hear from you.
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥


  1. It sounds like you're doing really well so well done with that :)!

    Would you like to enter my giveaway?


    1. Thank you Lauren :)
      Yes please, I was meaning to get on with that the other day :) xx