My Driving Journey - Lesson 21 & 22

Tuesday 3rd September
Todays lesson involved a new manoeuvre, I love it when a new manoeuvre gets introduced even though for the majority of it I feel like I just sit there saying yes, yes, yes. Because I'm listening & paying attention, what else are we meant to say? Should we just stare & be quiet? So today I got introduced to bay parking, which is just basically parking in a bay. The name kind of gives it away, don't cha think. Even though I don't actually know anyone who calls the spot a bay..what do you call a space in a car park?  It was really interesting today actually because we went to the car park where I did my first ever lesson. When we pulled in my instructor (Sharon, let's call her Sharon because that is her name after all) said to me, just imagine the last time we was here & how much progress you've made. When it's put like that I was like, wow yeah! It just makes you stop & think...a lot of progress has been made since then.
Thursday 5th September
Today my lesson was an early one & I was feeling abit iffy, which obviously led me to debate whether I really should go. But I thought no, I'm doing this. I was honest with Sharon how I felt when I got in the car & said I know it will go one of two ways. It will either go really good or really bad. Luckily I think it went really good. We went back to the same car park as the first lesson, so luckily it wasn't a million miles away if I wanted to head back home before the lesson was up. I got to practice bay parking again. Once you've practiced something a couple of times things start to click into place.
So that is how this weeks lessons went.. Unfortunately I didn't manage to keep my winning streak of no safety behaviour going. On the Tuesday lesson I had one mint because the smell of the new air freshener was slightly strong & making me feel funny. But that was it, Thursday there was no safety behaviour. Woohoo! I still can't believe I've had 22 lessons now, I never thought I'd have 2 lessons nevermind 22!
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