Hey,let's talk about....the return of the x factor

It's that time of year again....
Yes, you've got it..it's the return of THE X FACTOR!
Last night the x factor returned to our screens, which means Saturday night telly will be interesting once again..I absolutely love being able to get in my jim jams early on a Saturday night & getting all snuggled up infront of the telly..Is that classed as "sad" for a 21 year old to love that? Well you know what, I don't even care! Every weekend will be the same on these dark winter nights..

Let's get discussing about last nights show then shall we?
I'd love for you all who are reading this to answer in the comments below..
Thanks in advance if you decide to join in & respond.

Did any of the singers stand out for you? If so which ones.
Who is your favourite judge?
What is your favourite part of the whole show?
Who is your favourite singer/band to come out of the x factor?

Of course I'm going to share with you who stood out for me.
I had to smile because my lovely friend Jess actually did a tweet saying..

So of course I was on look out at that point, I wasn't watching it in time, I had it recorded cos the amount of adverts drive me crazyyyyy! But I did ask her about who it was & she said a boy called Luke who wrote his own song....
Girls & boys I introduce to you Luke Britnell..

As soon as Luke started playing his song on his guitar & started singing, oh my! My heart just melted a little & I couldn't help but smile & tap my foot (gosh, that makes me sound old) his original song is soooo catchy. If you don't like happy stuff, then this song probably isn't for you so I don't recommend it. Jess actually then tweeted me once I had watched it saying it was a very me song cos as most of you will know, I like to be positive & look on the bright side of life.
 So since last night I decided to do a little bit of hunting down on Twitter..don't make out like you've never done it before. I managed to find his twitter page which you can find too by clicking here & then his YouTube channel which you can find on his Twitter page in the bio or click here. That is how I'm assuming it is the real Luke by the fact his twitter is linked to his YouTube channel, if that isn't the case then I may just look like a little silly & be leading you the wrong way so sorry about that guys. But I'm pretty sure it is the right places to find him.
Whilst on his YouTube channel I came across his lyric video for his song think positive, his audition song, so have a cheeky listen to it. I don't think you'll be disappointed if you like positivity..
While I was there I came across some of his other videos such as this one that I've fallen in love with too called Who's loving you.. Yes, it is a length song but once you have actually listened to it, it doesn't feel like you have been for almost five minutes..
Seriously guys I really suggest you check him out,
if you do please let me know in the comments below.
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥


  1. I do the exact same thing every Saturday. I get into me PJs and cover myself in chocolate wrappers, I don't care either that I'm 20 and I act like a child. It's fun! I think for me Sam Bailey, she stood out to me. I just love how she has a normal story, saying that her kids come first. No sappy story. I love Sharon as well. She really makes this year even more special :)
    Michaela x

    1. I knew I wouldn't be the only one...minus the chocolate wrappers :) haha! It's happening on a Sunday night now too! :O but atleast Saturday night telly is now decent! :) I like Sam but I don't feel strongly about her :/ Sharon is hilarious! :) xxx