Hey, let's talk about....Catfish the tv show

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Catfish the tv show is an American reality show following the journey of people who have met online & then contacted Nev & Max. Nev hosts the show & Max is his camera man on the road with him. They travel around to meet people who have contacted them who are wanting their help meet their "true loves". Some of them are in relationships with the people they have met online. Most of them haven't been on webcam to one another. Most go by a completely different name & don't use their own image. No two stories are the same, it's an unbelievable show & if you don't watch it I highly recommend it. I feel myself becoming a detective trying to work out whether someone is telling the truth or not.
Nev decided to create the show since he met a girl online & had created an online relationship with her. She was not who she was claiming to be. Nev actually turned his story in to a film, I haven't watched it but I would love to. If you want to try & find his movie it's called Catfish the movie.
Catfish is currently on every Monday at 9pm on MTV. Last night was an amazing episode. A girl called Lauren had contacted Nev because she wanted his help in meeting a boy she had been talking to for eight years.. Yes you read that right, eight years of her life. When the show was recorded Lauren was twenty one & had been speaking to Derek since she was fourteen & he was sixteen. During those eight years they had both been in different relationships, Lauren had been engaged & also has a son. I'm not going to go into too much detail incase you actually watch it. But for once the story had an happy ending & both of the people on the other ends of the internet were exactly who they said they were. It was so lovely to watch & if you haven't watched it or don't watch it....what are you playing at? haha, you are missing out!
Do you watch Catfish?
If you do, what has been your favourite story so far?
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥


  1. I've seen Catfish before and it is a really interesting programme. What number episode was this? I really want to watch it!!


    1. Completely agree with you! :)
      It's season 2 episode 4/ number 16 in the whole series xx