My Driving Journey - Lesson 23 & 24

Tuesday 10th September
Well today we drove, I always feel like I need to say we even though we both didn't drive so I drove us to the next town. If your new to reading then hello & welcome, you will be unaware that the next town causes me the highest anxiety. It's unbelievable to think I now just seem to manage to drive there without even really thinking about it. If that isn't proof that repeated exposure works, I don't know what is. So yes, I drove us to the next town & we basically just had a ride around. Went down some roads I hadn't been down before, ones that we had just drove past before. I experienced bigger roundabouts. Roundabouts are something that I'm always amazed with by the whole system of everyone filtering in & out. I think I'm more amazed when I'm a passenger. When I'm driving I'm like argggghhh, I never fully know when to go. I am getting better at it, which is obviously progress. We don't all get everything, straight away.
I can tell you that some pedestrians really don't care if the lights have changed to green, they just walk on by, literally inches away from the front of the car. Are you one of them crazy people? If you are then, please do stop..I'm sure I'm not the only one who finds it annoying but it's also not exactly safe.
Friday 13th September
Oooooh, Friday the 13th? It's meant to be unlucky right. I'm not a believer in all that if I'm honest & this lesson was actually one of my best lessons ever. It went really well & I was really pleased with myself. I got to practice doing 3 point turns, parallel parking & reversing around a corner. When I practiced these I got to practice & then just continue on driving, usually when I practice I obviously straighten up & then stop. In my lesson I actually got to practice parallel parking over a speed bump. Sounds really scary right? It actually wasn't at all. A car had decided to park half on a speed bump & half off so I got to practice with that car. Why you would park half on a speed bump I have no idea..Anyway, the lesson went really well. I'm so pleased with my progress I'm making.
I haven't cancelled any of my lessons yet, yipeeee!
I like to write how I did safety behaviour wise, I managed Fridays lesson without any but on Tuesday I had indigestion so something had to be done to ease it. Safety behaviour isn't the end of the world so all is good. I'll not let it bother me.
Are you learning to drive?
Have you recently passed?
How did you keep motivated with practicing your theory?
Let me know in the comments please,
I love hearing from you.
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥


  1. When I eventually learn to drive properly, me & roundabouts, will be so scary together. Me screaming going round in circles. I stick to the pedestrian traffic light rules. So don't worry, you won't be driving me over. I'm delighted with your progress on Friday 13th, heehee. I'm a real superstitious person, but fair play on keeping it cool so far.
    Michaela x

    1. I can imagine it, "which way do I get out of here?!"
      I'm glad you do stick to it :) Thank you Michaela, your a star for reading & commenting! :) xx

  2. yayyy good work banana! lucky number 24 ;) x