Can I call myself a blogger now?

It feels like I haven't sat down & blogged in ages...the last time I blogged was Thursday, it was hardly that long ago but I feel like so much has happened since then! Everything feels so manic so it's lovely to be able to just sit down & type....
I'm alone, which is the best time to blog if you ask me. No distractions, just me & the laptop. I feel really behind on blog reading too but tonight that will change. Unfortunately I have jobs to do during the day, well we will say after dinner now. But I thought I'd finally get round to posting this post!

5th February 2013, I first created a blog. No, it wasn't this exact blog. It was on wordpress. Over the past year I have definitely tested & now I finally feel I have found my place in the blogging world. I first started off blogging about my mental health because to be honest, that was the only thing happening in my life but now I have so much more ideas & things I want to blog about! :) I'm so happy with my blog name, the header, the layout..just the whole look & feel my blog has....

Maybe, over time I might tweak a few things here & there but I do really feel like it is pretty perfect! You know, as close to perfect as it can be right? :)

So since I have been blogging for one whole year ....okay, one whole year & four days! I am a little delayed in writing this because I decided I wanted to try my hand at baking something to celebrate blogging for a whole year. I flicked through a few baking books & finally set my eyes on a gorgeous hummingbird bakery cheesecake. The recipe was actually for strawberry but we couldn't find any nice strawberries, I've been told about 5 different times now that strawberries aren't in season so I switched the strawberries for raspberries! Can I get a YUMMMMMYYYY?!

Wait no longer, you can now have a slice of the cake...okay, one slight problem though guys! I'm sorry, you can only have a slice of the cake in photo form..better than nothing though right? :)

When I started on blogger I didn't have the same URL, I changed it..does anybody know if there is a way to find out the exact date I changed it on? I really would LOVE to be able to find 'a whole lot of chitty chat's birth! There must be some way of finding it I'm sure.
Anyway that's all I've got to share with you for this post but I'd just like to say a MAHOSSSIIVEEEE thank you to all of you who have now become regular readers & to those who are also becoming my friends! :)
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥
p.s. I can totally call myself a blogger now right? :P


  1. A very very merry blog birthday to you, how exciting!
    And yes, you are most definitely a blogger lady, don't ever doubt it!
    M x Life Outside London

    1. thank you very much Michelle :)
      woohooo! *high five* :) xx