Sit Down Sunday - 9th February 2014

We are here again, it's that time of week...
Its Sunday...whos looking forward to Monday?
This time last week I actually was, I was getting really excited to be honest.. it did soon hit a low, not exactly a great start to the week. But anyway more about that in tomorrows post though!

I'm not saying that for more readers or page views by the way, I'm saying it because it's driving related & I now know I have regular readers...*waves manically* :D


I'm going to try & list 5 good things about this week but brace yourself, that might go straight out the window... I will try my best! brownie promise.. :)

1. FINALLY meeting Nicola, after over a year of talking...crazyyy!
2. being able to be a part of the first ever #timetotalk day
3. celebrating my first year of blogging..surely I'm an official blogger now right? :P
4. managing 4 full days out the house
5. finally moving my bedroom around & being completely happy with it...ok, maybe until a months time :/
Well that's my week round up, in a much shorter way! But I like to change things up every now & then, you know...keep it fresh :)
What has been good about your week?
Maybe you've started a new job? Woohoo Michelle you did it, week one is complete!
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥


  1. Thank you ma'am, week one is indeed complete and only a tiny stinking cold to show for it!
    Those are five pretty good things lovely, after a rubbish start I'm so glad you found some good bits this week!
    M x

    1. you're more than welcome :) wooohooo! & you mean freshers flu :) hehe!
      exactly :) could of stayed in the sad but where would that get me? nowhere :) xxx

  2. Aw I'm so glad you had a good week :) I have had a rubbish one too, but its a good idea to write down the good things that have happened in it just to remind yourself, I may get a little notepad to do this with! xxx

    1. :) the week really didn't start of great :) hehe! Go for it! Even if you just recap on it once it still makes you appreciate the good :) xx