I've decided to create a scrapbook...

Since today is Valentines Day (I did type the post up about a week ago but it was waiting for the right moment to make its appearance!) :) I thought since it's all about love, I thought I'd share with you one of my loves....for crafting & faffing about! I think creating something yourself is a real boost to your self esteem & time well spent. I'll stop waffling now & just post the post then shall I? hope you enjoy! :)

I've decided that this year I'm going to try & 'get out more'. Well, that is how some people phrase it isn't it? I just want to live more, experience more things. Spend more money on experiences & create memories, instead of buying more clothes. I have an awful lot, I'm not ashamed of that! What girl doesn't have a lot of clothes?

I thought I could share my little adventures with you lovely bunch & now I've created something else too....A SCRAPBOOK!!!! can I get a woo hoo? Come on, atleast one of you must of woohooed? :)

My scrapbook is going to be filled with all kinds of outings & experiences that I do to prove I can beat my anxiety. Prove that I can live & not just float through life. Brace yourself because this post may contain a few photos. We love photos, right? :)

everything I've been using, minus a rubber!
I thought I'd share with you some of the bits & bobs that I've used to create my scrapbook. Buying a scrapbook would definitely be a start unless you fancy making one, that's an idea. But it would probably be just as cheap to buy a ready made one. :) I bought mine from Boots, I think it was around £7. I got it when it was half price, gotta look out for bargains. :)

Be sure to look out for offers on photo printing, it is usually a lot cheaper to get them done online & delivered. They come through normal post, mine arrived within a few days.

main page, let's kick some ass!
I thought it would be a good idea to create a main page, basically what my scrapbook was all about..giving it meaning. :) I'd been looking for decent sized stencils for ages & couldn't find any but I came across some East Of India self adhesive wooden letters. They can be used for sticking onto signs but I thought they were fantastic for what I needed, just the right style & size. BONUS!

my East Of India wooden letters
I just used a pencil to go around the letters & then I got my colour on! I always find colouring really therapeutic. I went for nice, colourful colours cos it's going to be a happy reminder so I need to use as much colour as I can. :)

red letters, for the red carpet..showbiz of course!
One of the first pages I created was my cinema trips page. When I went to the cinema for my birthday it was the first time in over four years but I'm fairly hopeful that I'll be going again...hence why I've dedicated two pages so far to cinema trips. I'm hoping to go once I've passed my test hopefully, I really want to see That Awkward Moment. Zac Efron, zero clothing, big screen?! You want to go now too, don't you? ;)

loving the rain at my first ever Westlife concert!
 Ooh, a little tip....
 to add a jazzy touch to your scrapbook photos use patterned/shaped scissors. One bonus is it makes the photos look different, another bonus is you don't have to worry about getting the photos looking dead straight. You can just jazz it up as much or as little as you like. :)
I went to a Westlife concert, screw you anxiety! I actually went to two! :)
  Ooh, another couple of little tips....
for adding pictures & what not in, I decided to use double sided tape, instead of glue. Glue can get pretty messy & can look untidy. Especially if it goes all uneven & makes your page bumpy. To add a bit of colour & pattern to your scrapbook, buy some patterned paper. I got mine from The Works, crafty bargains can be found there! :)

Righty ho, that is pretty much all I've got to share with you. I thought it would be a lovely thing for me to have to remember all the good times. So when I'm having a bad day I'll be able to remind myself & look at the memories..knowing that they will bring a smile to my face & know better days will come again! :)
Have you ever had a go at scrapbooking? It is so much fun, very therapeutic & great for rainy days! I highly recommend it! :)
Let me know if you've ever given it a go, how it turned out & if you plan to in the future let me know too. Anything scrapbooky related leave me a comment, deal? :)
Thanks for reading, that is if you managed to read it all & didn't get bored! :)
- Anna ♥


  1. I've tried so many times but failed miserably!
    This is literally the cutest thing ever!
    Make sure to check out my blog:


    1. awww no, sorry to hear that :( maybe try again? :) xx

  2. i love what you've done so far :) scrapbooking is a bit hit and miss for me because although it can be quite therapeutic i'm never happy with how it turns out and end up getting upset...which sounds ridiculous i know! x

    1. thank you :) & no, it doesn't sound ridiculous, I know what you mean :) xxx

  3. Happy Scrapbooking! I think it's really nice but I'm afraid that I'll use it more as procrastination and a way to avoid actually living, so I don't do it. I do have a memory box with lots of stuff (concert tickets, empty bottle from a foreign country,...) that I like to go through every once in a while, to just remember how nice things actually can be, you know?

    Anyway, have fun with your new hobby! And FUCK anxiety! You go gurl!! :)




    1. thank you :) ooohhh...that is a good idea :) I have a memory bag filled with lovely cards I've received :) I know exactly what you mean :)

      thank you! :) & yeahhh screw you anxiety! xxx

  4. This sounds splendid, I love a bit of scrap booking and I'm sure you'll completely love looking back at all the things you've achieved/done/loved/laughed at.
    Fab idea!
    M x Life Outside London

    1. why thank you Michelle :) I'm sure I will too..I'm waiting for more rain so I can spend time doing some more :) hehe! it will be my rainy day project! :) xxx

  5. Well done for actually getting round to doing it! Scrapbooking is something I keep meaning to take up but always end up with a pile of tickets, receipts and photos and never any time to do it! :-) x

    1. thank you :) I know that feeling too...just keep making time for it a little bit at a time :) xxx