My Driving Journey - Lesson 60, 61 & 2nd driving test

I'm seriously giddy typing this post, I genuinely can't believe I have managed to gain a life skill. I've passed my driving test, I have a driving licence (well when it arrives in the post I do)! It's so flipping exciting! I genuinely think my life is on the up right now...please don't come crashing down anytime soon, thank you very much! :)
I'm going to be completely honest the whole journey every now & then has been a little bit tough but I think because I was in a good mind set that improved it all that much. Knowing that if I cancelled a lesson with too late notice I would still be charged made me not want to cancel any lessons at all. I only managed to miss a few & that wasn't always my choice but you just kind of go with it.
I feel like I'm going to go into like an acceptance speech like I've just won an award, oohh why not hey? Let's go for it....
Firstly I'd like to give a massive thanks to my instructor Sharon, she has been absolutely incredible! So understanding & very supportive. I felt she believed in me from the very start, which is always a great feeling. I don't just feel like she was my instructor I felt I created a friendship with her. We would chat away all lesson from the moment I got in the car to the moment I got out again. I really did get lucky choosing Sharon as my instructor honestly, I'm so grateful!
I'd also really like to thank my family, friends & fellow bloggers in the community who have been so supportive. All of your kind, positive words have been so fantastic & really helped me through. Just like anyone else I love to hear that I've helped someone in some way. I know a few people have said I've inspired them & made them want to drive too. You can do it, you just need to be ready & believe in yourself! You can do this! :)
Ok, so maybe now I'll actually go into the lesson updates & driving test too... Sorry about the waffle but brace yourself, it might just get a little bit worse...

Tuesday 18th February
Eeeekkk...driving lesson in the mini, woop woop! I really did enjoy driving the mini & now I'm actually gutted that I'm not driving it anymore to be honest. But since I hadn't drove the mini since before new year I just had a drive around kind of lesson to just get used to the car again. That was pretty easy to get the idea of again so that's really all for that lesson, now on to the next....
Wednesday 19th February
Driving test day again, how exciting & scary too?! Luckily this time round I wasn't as nervous to be honest. Last time I actually took some rescue remedy spray with me & had a few squirts but this time round I didn't even take it with me...woohoo! Bonus!!! I got picked up at 8.10am...yes, 8.10am! I got to practice most of my manoeuvres this time round so I was prepared & the lesson before went so smoothly so I wasn't too worried about the test itself.
I had a completely different examiner this time round & well I flipping passed! I passed with 4 minors, 4 MINORS!!!! I'm so proud of myself you seriously wouldn't believe how proud I am. My minors weren't anything major, funnily enough others they would be called majors...I'm totally not funny am I?! :/ 1 minor was forgetting to check my blind spot after completing a manoeuvre. 2nd minor was my positioning at a junction, in my defence the markings had worn away. 3rd minor was when I was pulling out from having to stop between two cars, a car behind had to stop...yet last time I got a major because a car had to slow down, how does that work?! I do not know! 4th minor was baffling, I don't even genuinely know how I managed it. But I got to the last roundabout before the test centre, I think I must of relaxed & thought phew then I got my gears all wrong & I genuinely thought I had got a major.. I would of cried because we were literally seconds away from the test grateful I didn't, what a relief!
I've now managed to stick all my driving lesson cards (in the photo above) in my notebook where I wrote up all my lessons too. So pleased that I managed to actually keep on top of it & do it too! Usually a good idea goes down the pan & stops after a couple of weeks. :/
I seriously don't think you understand just how proud I am of myself. I never thought I'd be able to drive, but look at me now! I didn't think I'd be able to sit my theory but I did & passed it first time. I didn't think I'd be able to do the driving lessons or test because they are based in the town that gives me my highest anxiety levels but look, I can now say I did it! Anna 1 - 0 Anxiety
I'm quite sad to see this come to an end actually now but I'm sure I will think of something else to blog about more than likely. I do have a few ideas swimming round in my head so watch this space!
Thank you for all your tweets, messages & comments too, I really do appreciate you taking time to read & connect with me. As always thanks for reading too!
- Anna ♥


  1. Well done Anna!! I don't know how you did it, the last person that tried teaching me(from a proper school too) gave me panic attacks at the wheel because he shouted at me so much. He even made me feel guilty once I stopped having lessons with him! It's scared me off driving completley now :( I'm proud that you overcame your fear though :) you deserve it!

    1. :) thank you Jamie! :) I honestly did it because of my instructor, the instructor makes all the need to find a really genuine lovely instructor like I did :) that is absolutely terrible & not on that he shouted at you :/ xxxx

  2. Congratulations!!! You must be so relieved, but definitely worth it! I have really bad driving anxiety and have failed twice, tried to start learning again this year but it didn't work out. Really going to have to go for it soon though! x

    1. thank you Rosie :) It really is all down to the instructor & if you connect with them :) good luck, I hope you find a good one to help you through it! :) xxxx

  3. Congrats on getting your licence, so exciting! :) you must be an unbelievably good driver now after 60 lessons!! haha xxx

    1. thank you Sinead! :D I know right! haha...i'm not too shabby :P :) xxxx

  4. This most definitely deserves another massive CONGRATULATIONS from me!!!! So so pleased for you, you should indeed be mighty proud of yourself lovely lady!
    M x

    1. thank you VERY much again! :D I certainly am mighty proud of myself! :) xxxx