My Driving Journey - Lesson 59

I'm starting to feel like these posts should be coming to an end very soon, well I hope they are actually. I do love driving lessons don't get me wrong & I'm creating a friendship with Sharon too but after doing so many lessons & being capable of driving now I just want to actually say I have a full licence.

Thursday 13th February
After last weeks terrible lesson & failing my test. I got to practice manoeuvres during my lesson today, what a relief! I practiced a reverse around a corner, all went well. I got to practice a few bay parks, they went well too. Then I got to practice doing a parallel park, only one....did it go well? Yeahhhh! Did I manage to park it in one? Yeahhhhh! :) Did I hit the kerb or go up the kerb? Noooo :)

After my lesson I got a text from Sharon to say she is finally picking the mini back up...YESSSSSSS!!!! I'm so pleased about it, I will have the car for my next test. Hopefully I'll pass this time round, fingers crossed! :)

That's it for this weeks update, fairly short & sweet? I think so! :)

I have my second test this week, wish me luck & fingers crossed?

Thanks for reading & following along with my journey.

- Anna ♥


  1. Good luck! I remember driving lessons being so nerve wracking but having a good lesson would brighten the whole day for me!

    I've just found your blog on twitter, I love the way you write! Looking forward to reading more!

    Jenn | PhotoJennic


    1. yes, I completely agree with you brightening your day up :)
      aww,thank you :) means a lot :) xxxx