Sit Down Sunday - 16th February 2014

What better time to write this than not long after finishing a delicious Sunday dinner! I couldn't think of a better time either :)
I have a question for you, yes might be down in the dumps right now, you might have had a crappy week but can you please pick out one tiny little thing that was good about your week & share it with me? :)

Remember if you have had a bad day or a bad week or maybe even a bad month don't forget to try your best to....

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Don't let anything or anyone keep you down. No matter what life throws at you always try to hold your head up high & even try a little smile, maybe? :)

Cos in the words of Luke Britnell 'everything always looks great with a smile'...I agree with you there Luke! *high five*

On to the good things about my previous week, always better to focus on the positives instead of the negatives....

- the delicious Sunday roast my mum just cooked us
- a successful driving lesson, heres to a better test next time...
- feeling organised
- working my first EVER Saturday job & LOVED every minute of it! Roll on next Saturday :)
- handwriting letters to surprise friends that are a fair distance away...
- starting making my patchwork cushion, watch this space...
- being busy

That is pretty much it for this week, well what I can think of cos the week has just flown by. These weeks seem to be going by faster & faster & getting shorter & flippin shorter!

I'd really love it if you left me a comment with one positive thing about your week, thanks for reading & thanks in advance for commenting :) (that's if you do of course!) hehe....

- Anna ♥


  1. Those are some super lovely things, it is always great to focus on the little positives - for me this week it's been hanging out on the beach in the sunshine with my lovely little bunch (furry and otherwise!)
    Hope you find some fabulous moments in your next week too :o)
    M x Life Outside London

    1. It really is :) I really enjoy it..
      Awwww, that sounds super lovely :) very lucky lady! :)
      thank you, I hope you do too :) xxx

  2. What a totally gorgeous idea for a post! I may do one like this soon. For me it's starting a new part time job this week too. I'm loving it :D
    Love from Jasmine
    Rabbitwood | beauty & lifestyle blog

    1. thank you :) woohoo! congratulations! :) xxx

  3. Well done on your Saturday job. It's lively that you've had such a positive week. This weekend was pretty great for me. Saturday was a day dedicated to some "me and the other half time" and I loved every moment of it. Yesterday, I got to see all my family which is always a good way to spend the day even if I ended up shattered by the end.

    Debi x

    1. thank you Debi :) I'm assuming you meant its lovely that I've had such a positive really is lovely not lively :P :) hehe! aww that sounds lovely! :) xxx