#timetotalk day!

 Wooooohooooo! Today 6th February 2014 is the very first time to talk day, dedicated to talk about mental health. I'd almost go as far to say I actually love talking about mental health. I love helping people feel less alone, nobody should have to feel alone. #timetotalk day was brought to us by time to change. Time to change is run by both Mind & Rethink Mental Illness. I'd highly recommend checking out all three of them honestly!

Image from time to change website
It isn't too late to get involved with time to talk day, it can be as simple as texting a friend or family member to see how they are doing. I really do believe it is the little things that count. You could even pick up the phone or put the kettle on. I decided I wanted to bring mental health into my local community, admittedly I only really had people speak to me that I know but that doesn't matter, it started conversations.
I decided to use the advantage of my parents shop (you will soon realise it is a carpet shop but it was a good platform) & set up a little stand with leaflets, postcards, badges, pens, pledge sheets, mental health knowledge quiz, a poster & my little whiteboard. Of course I took photos to document the day....
not great quality, but this is the full display :)
the bottom half of the display
the table top display
Once I had set up I decided it was the right time to do my pledge....
you can make a pledge too over at time to change
 I set up around half past 9 & around dinner time I had had 5 conversations. 1. with my dad. 2. with my grandma. 3. with a carpet rep. 4. with my mums auntie & uncle. 5. with a family friend.

my board at dinner time, total conversations...5

I decided to text near enough everyone in my phonebook who I knew locally, the more people the merrier if you ask me. I did get a few responses & people did pop in too. If you know me personally you will know that I'm very good friends with a girl called Nicola, who lives about 20 minutes away in the car & we have never met but we have been speaking for over a year. I bit the bullet today & asked her if she fancied doing some exposure (exposure is something you do to face your anxieties) & invited her to come & meet me at the shop. She had actually ordered the time to talk teabags & brought them along with her. I don't drink tea so Nicola & my dad had the cups of tea. Nicola also nicely brought with her the little badges she got in the pack too. I think it's about time for some more photos, don't you think? So everyone, meet Nicola....
smile, some good things can come from mental health problems....good friends
silly selfie anyone? :P
the lovely badge & the even lovelier (even a word?) chipped nail polish
me & Nicola with our pledges..I don't like smiling for photos that I can't see my face on..much prefer a selfie :)
Nicola adding her bit :)

Nicolas mum had dropped her off & then texted her when she was on her way back & Nicola didn't want to go yet, I didn't want her to go either! There will definitely be many more meet ups Nicola, don't you worry :) Admittedly when I was waiting for her to come even though I Skype with her, I still had the catfish feeling..I haven't experienced that but on telly I can imagine the feeling.
at the end of the day in the shop I had had 10 conversations
So in total at the end of the day in the shop I had had 10 conversations about mental health. The conversations were with 6. the husband & wife who own the shop I helped out at before Christmas & had my job interviews at, such lovely genuine people! (well that was a mouthful) 7.my mums friend, who popped in to show her support..she had suffered from depression & can relate. 8. the man who is like my second dad (I certainly know how to put a heck of a lot of words down don't I) 9. a lady who lives over the road from us. 10. Nicola & her mum! So not only did I have 10 conversations about mental health I also remember who they were all with.
Another bit to add, I also texted my therapist to mention what I was doing, she said if she had a cancellation she would definitely pop down..she didn't get any cancellations but she did ring me during appointments to make sure it was all going well & said she would ring me soon to catch up on how I'm doing..how lovely is that?! :)
I doubt any of them will be reading this post (okay, maybe Nicola will be...hello there Nicola!), but guys if you are thank you very much! I'm really grateful for your support! Some people did actually read my sign whilst they were passing but didn't spark a conversation about the topic. But that is fine, atleast it will be in their mind & hopefully they'll be thinking about it.
I'm actually a little bit disappointed that our local mind wasn't doing anything for today. But nevermind, I'm pleased with myself & my contribution to the day. I started blogging exactly a year ago yesterday about my mental health, how funny is it that literally the next day after is time to talk day about mental health.
I think now would be a really good time to stop my jibber jabber..I have no idea why I actually made that remark but it's a quote from something isn't it? I have no idea what it's from...ooohh, it's 'quit you're jibber jabber..you ain't hurt fool, get some nuts'..the snickers advert?
If you haven't already please check out the charities that support mental health.
Rethink Mental Illness

Have you been involved in #timetotalk day? Let me know what you've been up. I'd love to know.

If you have managed to read all the way to the bottom of this mahooossiiveeee post, give yourself a round of applause & a pat on the back :)

Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥


  1. What a brilliant idea ! and such a nice way to spread awareness!
    inspiring :) new follower here!
    I've also had my conversation/post today on time to talk :)
    Over at http://bethnalbohemia.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/time-to-talk-lets-get-few-things-out-of.html

    Jamie xox

    1. thank you :) I will be sure to check yours out too :) xx

  2. You did an amazing thing today, your stall and post are lovely. You're an inspiration and I bet your parents are proud :)

    Emily x

    1. thanks Emily :) It was very last minute, as in literally the night before when I decided haha :) xx

  3. it was lovely to talk to you in the chat earlier and what you did today for time to talk looks amazing. go you for spreading the message! i wish i'd known about the day earlier and could maybe have put a little more effort into something :( also congrats on meeting your friend, it sounds like that was a huge step for the both of you! Also (then i'll stop blabbering i promise) from what you've said here it sounds like you have an amazing relationship with your therapist which is awesome and something that i'm slightly jealous of! take care and feel free to message me if you ever need to talk x

    1. & it was lovely to talk to you too :) I literally planned it the night before but it went well :) There is always next year :) it really was a huge step but so rewarding too! :) don't apologise about blabbering..I love reading blabbering comments :) hehe! I didn't have a good relationship with my first therapist though! thank you :) xx

  4. Aaah Anna, once again you are a fantastic lady. What an incredible thing you did and even if you made just one person think about mental health (which you clearly did) it was a day so very well spent!
    M x Life Outside London

    1. thank you lovely Michelle! :) exactly! I completely agree with you! Xx

  5. Hello Anna! It's me. Yes, I was reading the post. I know we *obviously* talk all the time but what you did was brilliant, an excellent idea to set it up in the shop. And of course an even more brilliant idea of inviting me over. We will have to do it again next year, and hopefully get more conversations started. I noticed I wrote a few things wrong on my pledge because I was talking (whoever said women are good at multitasking were wrong), but it doesn't matter. Anyway, I am so proud of you and you are a credit to the mental health cause. I am very glad to have met you (I mean both over a year ago and physically on thursday). Here's to years of friendship. *is that too cheesy?* Xxx

    1. hello you! :) hehe!
      I thought you might be, to steal the photos....theif! :P someone stop her.. I'm kidding :)
      When I first read we will have to do it again next year I actually thought you meant meet up & I was like :/ WHAT? IN A YEARS TIME...is she crazyyyy! haha!
      no, not to cheesy...but we all love abit of cheese! :D xxxx