My Driving Journey - Lesson 56 & 57

Uh oh, it's not Monday! Had anyone actually noticed? I'm not too sure if you had or not.. :)
I would apologise but I'm kind of not sorry about it :/ yeah, it's nice to have a routine & all but sometimes a break from routine is exactly what we need. So I'm breaking the rules & blogging/posting this a day late...dum dum dummmm! Did the world stop spinning because I didn't post it on a Monday like I usually do? No, I didn't think so either :)
Let's get cracking with the latest from my driving journey..
Tuesday 28th January
Well, todays lesson I was absolutely dreading if I'm completely honest with you! :/ Me & my mum had been out on Sunday morning to the place where I drive, to do abit of shopping & I felt mega sick & panicky & blahhhh, ending with us coming home within ermmm 15/20 minutes & me being in my pjs for the rest of the day & in bed too. Good old anxiety then liked to keep this stored in my mind & made me completely dread my lesson. In all honesty if I didn't have to drive then I wouldn't of but if I didn't drive then I'd of lost my money so on we went.
I had a mock test, safe to say this was my worst test to date. I managed to get 2 majors & 7 minors :/ I genuinely am a safe driver & feel ashamed admitting that I got 2 majors, not 1 but 2...should I be embarrassed? :/ My two majors were 'speeding' I was travelling at 46 in a 40mph zone, it had changed & I wasn't aware...I am ashamed but I am human too. Then my second was not preparing quick enough/soon enough for a was a lot sooner than I had realised.
So yeah, it is safe to say that my lesson was abit of a nightmare & completely horrid! Surely we all must have them? Usually they go really well too. So when they go wrong it's even harder to accept.
Friday 28th January
Today could of been a manoeuvres lesson but I choose to do a drive around one so I could learn from my mistakes of where I went wrong in my mock test. I certainly know where the speed change was now, it does go from national speed limit to a 40 but I can remember where it is. Actually not much to share on this lesson other than that so I'm going to leave it at that.
So that is all for my update this week, if you are still following me..thank you :)
Tomorrow I will have been blogging for A WHOLE YEAR in total...crazyyy or what?! Time really does fly when you're having fun :) So I'm off to make a celebratory cheesecake, I mean really though do I need an excuse to make cheesecake? No, I don't think I do! :) hehe!
Hope you're all having a lovely week so far & are well!
I need a mega blogging catch up to catch up on my favourite blogs, oooohh maybe with a nice drink & some cheesecake! Sounds like a plan! :)
- Anna ♥

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