Sit Down Sunday - 2nd February 2014

Hello, hello, hello! :)
Right now actually feels like a really late time to be blogging on a Sunday..I was taking part in the lbloggers chat on twitter but really couldn't keep up so I'm doing something productive on here :)
Sundays are for lounging about, right? I've actually been for a 4 mile (4.1 mile to be exact) walk today so not exactly lounging day I'd hoped for & before that I nipped to Asda to pick up my ingredients to make a strawberry cheesecake, I got EVERYTHING but strawberries...can't exactly have a strawberry less strawberry cheesecake can I? So back to the shops tomorrow to pick some up... :)
I'm gonna stop waffling now & just get on with the flippin' post, what do you think? Good idea, I thought so too! :) I do actually kind of write these posts as if I'm talking to myself..don't be alarmed though, nobody needs to call a doctor :) hehe..
This week the good things have been....
- being able to learn from my mistakes
- dog walks...a 4 mile one! REALLY?!
- writing in cards, sending cards with meaning & real thought being put into it are one of the best things in life if you ask me...must have LOTS of writing in it too of course :)
- managing to help at my parents shop again, it really always is a bonus managing that!
- enjoying time with family & friends
- D.I.Y
- bedtime reading
- new super cosy knitted jumper from my mum :)
- tiger bread
For me, a blog post isn't complete without a photo so....
look no further, here is the photo I have choosen to share....
Image found on weheartit (as usual) :)
I'm a real big believer of finding the good in things & looking on the bright side of life. When life gives you a reason to be sad, beat back & find a reason to smile! In the words of Luke Britnell 'everything always looks great with a smile'.. I completely agree so get smiling & keep smiling guys! :)
What has been good about your week? Let me know in the comments or if you do a post similar, link me up? :)
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥


  1. Lots of things to be cheery about this week!! Well done on your uber walk and now to bed yes? Yes.
    M x Life Outside London

    1. My thoughts exactly Michelle :) yess, I wasn't late to bed xx

  2. Can't beat reading a couple of pages (or chapters!) of a good book before bed!

    1. I agree with you :) only if the chapters aren't too long :) xx