Sunday sharing...Barry M, gelly hi-shine nail paint

I really wanted to give this blog post a funky kind of name & throughout the day today the idea of creating a Sunday sharing kind of post kept coming into my here we are! Creating what could be the first of many Sunday sharing posts, or maybe just a one off (I highly doubt it)!
I was originally planning on creating a post for each nail paint in Barry M's summer collection but I've decided against that, I'm just going to throw them all in one post...with a little bit of a twist on my usual nail posts too. I'm just going to be sharing little samples of each colour, on an individual false nail. My hands at the minute are terrible & are looking all shredded so I'm taking better care of them, so they will be back soon I'm sure.

Let's get started with sharing the summer gelly hi-shine nail paints then. I'm still in shock that I won a competition with Barry M, let alone winning all the products I won too!

left to right, in a-z order...almond, coconut, damson, elderberry, kiwi, olive, passion fruit, pink punch.
I wouldn't usually own the full collection, unless of course I won them (did I tell you I won a competition?!) or I was bought them as a gift. But I think if I was to buy three of these nail paints, then I would buy...
coconut, elderberry & pink punch.

Until I was introduced to matt top coat I was a normal, basic, however the nail polish dried kind of girl. But now I own a few matt top coats I'm an absolute sucker for matt effect. If I have the choice between a glossy finish or a matt finish, matt will win every time.
I think all of these colours will look amazing transformed into matt. I'm thinking about ordering a nail art wheel or two...or ten? Thanks for the heads up Jamie! So I'm sure I'll share them on here too, so you can see the finished look.
I've had to make do with false nails for this post, of different sizes but does that matter? Of course not :) It is just to show you the collection. How true the colours are to the bottle, without a doubt...they are as true as always. Barry M are still to let me down on this one.
I've taken a few photos that I've narrowed down for this post, so I'll get cracking & add them photos!

I just want to add in that my photo quality doesn't seem very good on my laptop as much as on my ipad when I'm rereading but I find if you click the image it looks better when it's opened larger...well I think so anyway. :) :P
I hope this post has helped give you a better understanding & look at the summer gelly hi-shine collection brought to you by Barry M. Keep your eyes pealed for the gelly turn matt version on here.
Have you picked up any of Barry M's latest nail paints?
Let me know please :)
I've recently picked up a few of the limited edition paints & some of the aquarium ones too...maybe I'll do a post to share them too.
As always, thanks for reading.
Anna ♥


  1. Great post, I love seeing other people's nail polish collections. I'm a big fan of Barry M Gelly Hi shine, there's a couple here I really need to try out. I agree that coconut and pink punch look lovely!
    I really love the pastel shades they brought out too, I wore them a lot over the Summer.

    ...And your pictures look fab too!