♥ to my girls online...

In a way I'm feeling my blog at the minute is very much nails, nails, nails, some more nails with the occasional post added in the middle. Nail posts will soon narrow down once I've gone through the competition wins. But then I'm considering sharing the lip balms too. Hmmmm, who knows!
So I decided I wanted to do something a little different today. I want to dedicate a post to my girls online (girls you know who you are!). Some people don't live a very online social media based kind of life, I'm not one of those people. When I had very little close by friends, does that make sense? As in not many in real life infront of me kind of friends, infact around my age I'd go as far to say I had none. But then I started creating friendships online. It wasn't planned, I didn't come along to create friendships, it just happened & I'm so pleased it did.
Creating friendships online can be very dangerous & you have to be very careful. I've actually experienced once talking to someone who I thought was a friend at the time. It didn't end badly at all, somebody just found out they wasn't who they said they were. They were using someone elses image, but the conversations we had were real...about real life things. I can't get my head around it. I don't think the person behind the account meant any bad by doing what they was doing. They wasn't luring me in at all, no mention of wanting to meet up, we just chatted about every day stuff. So I do still occasionally think back to that part in my life & think, I wonder who was behind that account...I wonder what their intentions were, if any...I wonder what made them create a false online image. I know the image wasn't them but I believe the person behind it was a real person, meaning no harm to anyone.
But it is safe to say I now have my wits about me. I might look clueless but I'm not. People have often made the remark to me that I'm wise before my age, we'll go along with that...it sounds pretty cool! Skype is without a doubt a fantastic thing, I'm always wanting to Skype so I know that it is a real person behind an account. Even though admittedly you can usually tell.
Right back to the point of this post, I know the internet can be an unsafe, scary, evil, mean, cruel, negative place sometimes. But it can also be a wonderful, safe, supportive, incredible, inspiring, a community. I'm not completely oblivious to the bad side of the world, I just choose not to focus on it. I've experienced the bad side of the internet, who hasn't but in most cases the positive things about online outweigh the negatives without a doubt! In my case the positives certainly do out do the negatives.
I want to dedicate this post to my girls online...you all know who you are (well I hope you do!)
I just want to say a massive thank you to you all, over the past year or so I'm sure you have all listened to me waffle away about something or other. You've all been a lovely listening ear, a helping hand, a supportive voice, a friend. Each & every single one of you has such a big heart & are inspiring in your own way! I'm honestly so lucky to be able to interact with you all via this marvellous creation known as the internet...*salutes the internet*! I just hope one day to be able to meet each & every single one of you, now that would be wonderful!

lots of love for my online girls!



  1. I love ya! This could go on for ages, I'm exactly the same as you, so hoping you don't turn out to be a 50 year old man ;) thanks for everything! <3

    p.s it'd be awkward if you weren't including me in this, oooopsy!xxx

    1. excuse me madam, I'm only 49 I'll have you know ;) haha!

      you don't have to thank me, thank you very much! <3

      p.s. totally not awkward, of course I was including you! xxxx